Saturday, April 24, 2010

video of UUM "tornado" tragedy

Mood : hungry

want to see why this happened?..

watch the unofficial news broadcast on site of the horror tragedy of killed kittens at the dark cave next to the mountains..
okay, I'm crapping..
watch the video for yourself to know what I'm talking about..
in spite of what people say, IGNORANCE IS NOT A BLISS!
it can kill you!
okay, I'm crapping again..
don't mind my attire for the video, aku main sauk ja apa yang senang..
make up pun tak weih, tu muka selebet..
enjoy the vid..

I'm not Karam Singh Walia, I'm cuter..
I practically was talking spontaneously, so mind the repetition..
no scripts, not fully planned, and lots of talking and walking, I was panting a bit..
penat weih, kau tahu?..
okay, kau tak tahu, kau takdak kat situ..
just me, trying to be a news broadcaster who is willing to kick branches on the road and talk weirdly on screen..
anyone want to hire me?..
okay okay, seriously, anyone want to give donations?

woi Najmie, pegi study la!!
gedik sungguh nak online..

video and pictures courtesy of Kak Ijah, mum and wahida..

okay, going to study now..
shining star~~


ellenyna said...

hheee funny la u.

fitriah said...

uih scary. smpai pecah tingkap sume.

Hizami Rahim said...

tak boleh nak view.
later kot.
an error occured.

darkbatman said...

ahahaha..bkn karam singh walia.. xtahan btol.. bgs2..berani woo..

Judiene said...

wow! that was quite a tragedy. i'm so sorry bout your car, it can't be helped anymore. huhu. and i'm more sorry coz i don't have any donations to give to your family..ahahahaha..but look at the bright side! it's time to survey a new car! ahahahaha..

najmie said...

hoho, sgt sedih kan?.. but nevermind, it's just one of the bumps in life.. we'll get through it.. (^^,)


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