Thursday, April 1, 2010

April, a month to be happy!.. (^^,)

Mood : happy!

hello April!!
you're so pretty now..
awww, with the hair pulled up like that, wearing that nice sunday skirt with the cute white tank top..
awww, so sweet!..
*ok, what am I blabbering about?*
I'm just here to welcome the month of APRIL!!..

I personally love this month..
coz I turn a year older every 7th April..
some people don't like turning older, but I do!
wait, does that make me weird?..
well, on this month too, my mum and youngest sister celebrate their birthday..
mum on 2nd, which is tomorrow, and my lil sis on 22nd..
so we usually have a little celebration among ourselves with cake and a bit of party..
but I seldom get birthday gifts tho..
pity me kan?..

but this year, I got the best present ever from a friend..
well, technically, it's not my birthday yet, but he gave me an early birthday present..
he gave tickets to a wonderful experience no money could buy..
well, he got it for free and gave it to me, but the point is, he gave it to me as a birthday present..
and I so loved this present!!
and the most expensive one I might add, nearly 1k!
wanna know what it was?..

2 tickets to SSII plus Channel V goodie bag..

awesomest present so far!
thanks my dear friend!

anyway, last Monday my family and I went to the last day of the convocation expo in UUM..
it was raining a bit and my mum got to use my HP see-through umbrella that I got for free last year..
it was the cutest thing ever!

well, it's supposed to be my mum, but a picture of me holding the umbrella will do..

so while walking around the expo area, my sister and I passed by the Streamyx booth..
the guy there was calling out to people, asking if they want free gift to come on to the stage..
so being a person who loves freebies, *miahahahaha* without a hint of hesitation, went up onto the mini stage with 3 other peeps..

I'm the one in blue talking to the guy..

to win, all I had to do was sing Isabella while crying..
easy peasy task that was completed by yours truly..
hahaha, muka tembok kan aku?..
I got a TM notebook, which I don't even know when I'll use..

but hey, at least it's free!

and today, I got a letter from Kuala Lumpur..
it was from Bausch & Lomb..
apparently I did some survey some time back and they promised to give me a Guardian gift voucher worth RM20..
so, yeah!

now I can buy something for myself on my birthday!

I hope the presents keep coming..
it's just a few days before I turn 22..
I haven't planned anything yet, will have to see budget and availability of friends for parties..

before I end this post, I'd like to wish
happy birthday to my awesome mother!
you're the reason I'm here now, the way that I am..
without your guidance and advise, I'd be lost in the dark..
so thank you so so much!
happy birthday okasan!
may the days ahead be filled with sunshine and daisies..
and may you finish your PhD soon!
focus and succeed!


goodnight awesome people..
shining star~~


Judiene said...

i turn a year older in this month too
Happy birthday!

Just_najmiE said...


really?.. hahaha, happy birthday to u too then!.. (^^,)


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