Monday, April 26, 2010

what does iPhone and horses have in common?

Mood : sleepy

I have to wake up early tomorrow and study for my 2nd last final exam of the semester, Entrepreneurial Finance..
eh, tomorrow apa kejadah, pagi jap lagi lah..
my carry mark for this subject isn't that high, and I really have to strive to get an A..
it's gonna be a long day tomorrow, I mean today, preparation for Tuesdays exam..

now back to my topic, what does iPhone and horses have in common?..
it's simple..
try to figure it out..
really, cuba lah, kau kan pandai SPM dapat 18 straight A's..
the answer is simple,
I want both of them~

I suddenly have this burning urge to own an iPhone after meeting a guy who had one..
OMG, smart gila weih!!

perghh, cair coklat dalam peti ais tengok iPhone nih..
I so badly want one..
so I went on a research frenzy on Google to find the cheapest original iPhone..
and the cheapest price, is not cheap in my book..
RM1990.90 for 8GB..
uhuk uhuk~~
terbatuk tersedak wa cakap sama lu, but this definitely is on my wishlist..
I think to get a copycat version of iPhone would either be China iPhone or Malaysian CSL made, but I have no idea how much they cost..
anyone know the price?..
share please!

and I badly want to ride my horse again..
I want to feel the wind in my face as my horse, Martina trots and canter into the sunset..
I want to go horse riding again, I so fcuking miss it..
however I am unable to due to finals and lack of money to extend my classes..
have to pay RM150 first, which I currently don't have..
sangat sedih kan?..
Martina must be effin missing me..
I miss u too dear!
I'll visit you after finals, and I'll bring lots of carrots..
love you lots!..

okay, I'm off..
later awesome peeps..
wish me luck for my Entrepreneurial Finance paper this coming Tuesday..
coz I need all the luck I can get..
shining star~~


Judiene said...

arghh! you think you're the only want who want this little cute thing so badly huh!??? i wish my birthday is tomorrow, so that i can ask my dad to buy me one..ahahahaa, but that would be crazy if my dad really really buy me this..i would be the happiest man on earth! ahahaha

yuyun752 said...

i also want iphone!!! but not for now la.. takdak fulus.. eventho kawan2 recommend blackberry, but i think iphone lebih cool!
oh, nak maen game.. nak maen game.. haha..

aidi-safuan said...

cuba bandingkan naik kuda ngan blackberry bold 9700 plak .:p

najmie said...

hahaha, everyone would be happy if they get an iPhone for free!.. haha..

najmie said...

yeah, iPhone is cooler!.. wohoo!!~~ =DD

najmie said...

but iPhone is wayyyyyyyyy cooler!.. hahha.. =P


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