Friday, April 9, 2010

you can loose friends when...

you smell bad!

Mood : uhuk~~

hey ho people of Earth and beyond!
I'm just extremely happy coz my Public Speaking Written Exam has passed this morning..
and I did quite well, alhamdulillah..
but I did check the book after exams, sad to find that I answered wrongly on some questions..
well, whatever, it's in the past now..
at least I tried..
besides, no one is perfect..

now I can eat lots of chocolates!!

well, during the exam, I sat behind this Malay girl..
she was okay, but the thing that bothered me was her body odour, her B.O..
it was so strong..
I nearly faint..
couldn't do my exam as well as I'd hope to coz the smell of her B.O. was quite powerful..
I hope someone gently tells her about her problem so she could fix it..
I'd recommend Adidas Action 3 products..

body odour is a common problem, especially in Malaysia due to our hot climate..
but it doesn't mean we have to just take it and smell bad..

so if you have body odour, don't ignore it..
do something about it, smell nicer..
if you don't want to do it for others, do it for yourself..
believe me, not everyone can tolerate B.O, especially strong ones..

stay sweet scented always people!~
shining star~~


Judiene said...

euwww, that was tough
sitting a examination hall, trying to answer as good as possible but suddenly this unexpected problem occur
maybe she was trying so hard to pass that she sweated uncontrollable

Just_najmiE said...


yes, it was tough.. (-__-;;

hope she pass her exam coz she smelled like she tried her best..

faaza said...

faaza paling x suka ketiak berbau..
x tahan dowh..
if x pakai deadorant rsa x sempurna je.

Just_najmiE said...


sama lah akak.. skrg akak pakai Adidas Action 3, deodarant semburan utk kurangkan berpeluh dan bau badan.. sgt berpuas hati.. (^^,)


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