Saturday, April 24, 2010

UUM "tornado" tragedy

Mood : sad

good evening awesome peeps..
I'm just going to cut to the chase..
it rained mad, like cats and dogs and horses around 5.15pm today, bringing lots of water and so effin more of the wind..
and that brought along devastation..
especially to my mum's Toyota Wish..

the tent in front of our house that copies as our garage fell apart and crashed our family car!
sedih dowh..
and the effects?..

broken back side window and the back windows..
it's gonna take a few thousand to fix this, being Toyota Wish spare parts are quite expensive..

check it out, my sisters can be seen right through here..
Wahida is holding a piece of window glass..

I also played around with the shard glasses, and I got pricked..
a spot of blood..
tajam dowh kaca dia..
then I licked the blood, tak baik membazir..

1 Malaysia, rakyat didahulukan..
does it mean the government is going to pay for the fixing expenses?..

this is the road to UUM VC's house..
he's my neighbour, btw, and the road to his house is blocked with 4 fallen trees..
took a while and around 10 people to remove them before night falls..

after taking care of our broken car, we took a ride in my kancil, Hot Red and went for a spin around UUM to see if anything else was effected..
and oh my, UUM sure had a makeover!
well, I have some more pictures, but I uploaded them in Facebook..
so if you want to check out how UUM looks like, [Click Here]..
and add me of FB too!

okay, I'm off, night people..
but if anyone here want to give donations for the fixing of Toyota Wish, your contribution is highly welcome..
shining star~~


Hizami Rahim said...

oh my.
tak sangka.
nasib baik cuma kereta dan tak ada manusia yg cedera.
sorry to hear that.

Jard The Great said...

hi najmie.. ehehe

Matt said...

wah tornado in malaysia, rare occurence..syukur korang selamat, kete je tak..


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