Friday, April 9, 2010

Project Alpha season 3, please make my dreams come true..

I want to meet Jojo Struys again..

Mood : tired

hey awesome peeps, what's up?..
so today I was surfing the web as usual, and I went to see my Project Alpha season 3 audition video at [this website]..
and my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw the number of hits on my video..
really, like phaffff, whattttt theeeee........?
my video got like, 2200++ views!!
kau gila ka apa??
just a 52 second video of me talking fast and doing a very weird dance..
can't believe I got that much views..
but the sad thing is, I didn't get much 'likes' on the video..
really sad..

then I went to [Jojo Struys] blog and saw the official Project Alpha season 2 official trailer..
dammit, I can't wait for 19th April!
I read some of the blogs mentioning about the Launching of Project Alpha season 2, and it looked awesome!..
wished that I could me there, but sadly, I live far away..

and watching the video, reminds me of Jojo's corky, fun and obviously cute personality that I miss..
I remember her from the [HP Future Is... event] at Rootz Club, KL last December..

we even wore almost similar coloured clothing!
but she's full on flaming hotness!
while I'm somewhere in the middle..
*note the location of Jojo's left hand*

I seriously hope I'd be the guest blogger for Project Alpha season 3..
I want to meet Jojo again..
and a few minutes of fame too!
but hours or days of fame is also acceptable..

alrighty, I might have to wake up early to join my SIFE friends play tennis at the UUM sports complex..
it's still a maybe..
have to see if I actually wake up..
but, I don't even know how to play tennis..
what if I get hit on the butt?..

good night awesome people!
shining star~~


Hizami Li said...

cantik jojo~

fitriah said...

nak tgk jugak video tu!

post la dear!

Judiene said...

hey, i actually feel like joining the contest but i don't have any clue how to make a great vid
still thinking!

kenwooi said...

all the best =)

Just_najmiE said...


thanks!.. dia ja ka cantik?.. (-__-;;

Just_najmiE said...


I dah post dah, ada kat previous previous entry.. atau fit tekan ja kat [this website] kat atas nih, terus pegi dkat my video..

Just_najmiE said...


looking forward to your video!.. hehe.. inform me when you've posted it on the web!.. (^^,)


Just_najmiE said...


thanks! (^^,)

feshnie said...

ffffff--that was shameless.

Just_najmiE said...


what?.. what was shameless?.. I don't get it.. (-__-;;

feshnie said...

That vid

Just_najmiE said...


kan kan kan?.. XDD

very spontaneous, ok?.. posted it after my 2nd take.. =P

faaza said...

if i can meet her too..hhurrmm

Just_najmiE said...


anything can happen in the future.. (^^,)

faaza said...


Just_najmiE said...




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