Friday, April 16, 2010

study tips from a brainy kid

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hello hello!..
it's 11.45 am, and I have a my Event Management final exam at 3pm today..
yet I'm here online blogging!
now who is to blame if I fail?..

anyway, I'm here to give you awesome bloggers some tips on how to study, the brainy kid way..
when I was in college, my juniors always ask me the method of how I study..
this is pretty common, coz my pointer every semester never went down below 3.70..
and when I was in semester 4, I got GPA 4.00..
I'm not really here to gloat, *okay, maybe a little =P* I just want to inform you guys what I did to make sure I got high results..
these are my methods of studying, I don't think it applies to everyone tho..
but just read it through ya..

tip #1 - pay attention in class
okay, it's a little late for this tip since it's already the final exams..
but this is actually how I breezed through college..
if I don't understand anything, I'd just ask the lecturer directly in class..

tip #2 - study on the bed on your belly
it's way more fun..
besides, I can't really study on a chair and table, it doesn't really work for me..
if you're tired of studying or revising, you can just sleep with your books!
no, really, I did this during my studies in college..
"the 4 reasons why marketing is used by companies are.... ZzzzZZz"

tip #3 - play games
during my 4th semester of college, I did a lot of this..
fish frenzy, farm frenzy, granny 3, etc..
you can ask my roommate, Ain..
she's sometime jealous of my playing games on the laptop that she'd study downstairs at the living room..
and when friends come to my room to study, they'd find me playing games instead..
then they'd say, "okay, let's play games too!"
okay, tipu..
they changed their minds and not study with me..
I just find playing games to be therapeutic..

tip #4 - watch Super Junior shows and videos
I did a whole LOT of this!
I loved watching Super Junior Fullhouse and Exploration of the Human Body, EHB..
so freaking awesome weih!
but then, I'm a fan girl, so I do watch them..
I don't know about you tho..
but you can try..

tip #5 - go online
okay, I didn't know about Facebook or blogging yet when I was in college..
such a noob..
but I was still immerse in MySpace and Friendster that time, so I did a lot of that..
it's a lot of fun and gets you connected with friends..

that's the 5 tips for studying from a brainy kid..
well, they aren't technically tips to help you study better, but more of what you can do during study breaks..
all the things I mention above has and is still being done by me..
it does work, you know..
especially the online part..
really therapeutic and relaxing..
except when my mum came behind me and say,
"kerun! apa dok online nih?.. esok dah final.. pegi study sekarang!"
then I'd stop..

so what's your studying tips for final exams?..
shining star~~


Sharinginfoz said...

thanks for the tips.... hmmm suka gaak study atas katil tapi sambil baring.. kelakar kan..

faaza said...

men game time nk exam??
i like..sama mcm faaza..kihkihkih
b4 and lpas start study men game seround dua..ahaha^_*

MiSs TOrA said...

diffirent people will have different study style ;p but me too really enjoy stdy on my bed hehe..gud luck 4 exam yah ;p

wat i can u have a great style la..

Hizami Li said...

study tips or how to release tension tips?

Khairi said...

walaupun stadi kat tempat keje agak lain, tapi i am impressed with you and the technics. really good one.

Just_najmiE said...


no problem!.. haha, tak pelik pun la.. normal ja.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


akak mmg main game gila2 masa sem 4 tau.. setiap ari main game, smpai kak ain tak puas ati tgk akak tak study.. haha..

Just_najmiE said...

miss tora..

haha, thanks dear! so how do u study?..

Just_najmiE said...


dua2.. haha.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


hehehe, thanks!.. I just like to be different.. (^^,)

feshnie said...

I've been doing all that since I started KLMU -replace Super Junior with Hetalia though- but I never get something above 3.50
's not fair.

Just_najmiE said...


hehe.. nothing's really fair in live, except if u got fair skin.. that counts as fair.. haha.. =P


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