Saturday, April 17, 2010

why MEN love final exams

from a male's point of view..

you start the exam period with studying, revising and watching videos while playing DOTA..
sometimes you do them alone, or with friends..
so you busted your brains, doing the best to absorb all the knowledge in..

on the exam date, you make your way to the exam hall..
you find your seat, and sit..
you look around, trying to find your friend..
you found him, at the eeeeeeend of the row in front of you..
hpmhhh, how to synchronize your exit time?..

you want to text him on your phone, but it's not allowed in the exam hall..
reason --> students might use it to try and cheat..
pffttt, that's a bunch of bull..
this rule should be changed..
coz there are some students who can't focus without cam-whoring..
they need to camwhore to focus..
who's going to be blamed if they fail?..

the exam announcer booms on the mic on stage, "you may now begin! goodluck to everyone.."
you say a short prayer, hoping for easy questions, but to your dismay, it's damn hard!
you started to feel resentment to your subject lecturer, but cooled down instead..
"relax, I've studied, I can do this.."
you flip trough the questions, answering the ones you feel confident first..
then you try and tackle the hard questions..

one of the invigilators who know nothing about the subject came behind you and started to read your answers!
he's just standing there, breathing down your neck..
you feel nervous and wished he'd go away..
it' not like he knows the damn answer to the question anyway!
you really wouldn't mind if the lecturer of the subject came and checked, that way you can ask for the answers..
but if exam invigilators who knows zit about Event Management, why do you even care about our answers?..
you guys can't even help..

so you finished answering the questions..
the ones you don't know the answer to, you just played the guessing game and logical thinking..
you pat yourself for a job well done..
the exam announcer exclaimed from the boom mic, "attention students, time is up.. please remain in the hall until all the exam papers are collected.."
you sat there, looking around..
people started talking, discussing with each other about the exam, even though they were still in the exam hall..
"eh, what did you answer for question 2?."
"oh that.. the answer is special event management.."
you started to feel jealous coz your friend is seated wayyyyy at the end of the row..
so you sat quietly and waited..
"alright students, you may now leave the hall.. good luck for your other final exams.."

everyone stood up and practically ran to the door!
everyone wants to get out as fast as they can..
for them, exam is like a dangerous disease..
you're pushing through the crowd..
you can see the door approaching, an exit to the world..
but, oh darn it!
you forgot you left something on the table..
you turn back..
and you get squished!
it's not all that bad..
there's lots of girls squishing you, you feel no resentment..
you made your way to your table and collected the thing you forgot, your ever important eraser..
then you rush back to the door, cursing coz the invigilators only opened one door when there's actually 6 other doors at the sides..
thinking that they just want to make students life miserable..
then you relaxed and said, "it's okay, at least I got to get squished by girls!"

you returned to your hostel room, feeling happy, not because you did the exam well, but because you were squished by adorable and cute university girls..
oh the Uni life!~

p/s :- this story is partly made up.. the other half is true tho.. hehe.. all pictures are courtesy of google..


fitriah said...

tak best klu duduk jauh dengan kawan. hee

Hizami Li said...

mcm tu ek?

Judiene said...

is this really from male's point of view??
or you just made it all up?
coz i never think that way
especially at the end of the entry
dunno what kind of guy who think like that

feshnie said...

I don't think...most men could feel that - totally excluding perverts - at times like those...

"Entry ini adalah rekaan semata-mata dan tiada kena mengena dengan sesiapa samada yang hidup atau pun mati" - kind of journal?

Just_najmiE said...


betul tu.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


yalah kot.. (^^,)
betul tak?..

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, ada ja lah.. try asking ur friends, theres got to be some who think this way.. haha.. if not, then it was all made up..


Just_najmiE said...


lol~~ =DD

I actually wanted to write down why I hate final exams, which is the invigilators who look over shoulders, but it became like what u read here.. haha.. funny twist.. =P


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