Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi!

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when you hear the word WORLD, what comes to mind?..
water world?..
a round planet?..
a place we call home?..

well, if you ask me, the things that come to my mind are the things I love and cherish..
I mean, it is the place where we live in, that's for certain..
we can't live on Mars or Pluto, am I right?..
that's why everyone loves the world for the air we breathe, the water we swim in, the places we can go visit and the beautiful scenery..
but the question remains..
WHY do you PERSONALLY love the world?..

here are my answers, and I'll put all the things I love about this world in my love basket..
sure, my basket might not be pretty, but hey, beauty isn't everything..

without my family, I am nothing..
since my dad passed away when I was 12, my mom and my sisters are always there for me, whenever and where ever we are..
living in an all girls family definitely has it's perks, we all are close with each other, and we can share clothes!
I can't be who I am today if I don't have my family, that's why it's the most important thing in my love basket..

hey, why are you on Earth if you don't have some fun once in a while, am I right?..
or are you just going to work all day long and not have fun at all?..
oh my, that would be boring!
there's so many ways to have fun, and we do it everyday..
my fun would be hanging out with my family and friends at theme parks or just going shopping till I drop!

third :-
I know it's just a simple kancil car, but it's mine, making it something I love so so much..
it's not perfect, but I love it for its imperfection..
I might get other cars in the future, but Hot Red will always be my first and cherished one..

fourth :-
everyone need friends, and it just happens that I have the most quirkiest friends of all!
we hang out, throw parties and just have plain old fun together!..
this is one of the reasons why I love this world so so much..
coz like I said, we can only live on Earth, and we can only have friends on Earth..

fifth :-
my lovely horse, Martina!!
omg, I so love her!
hey, other people might have cats or dogs or fishes as pets, but I have a horse..
it might be normal for people overseas to have horses as pets, but not in Malaysia..
so, beat that!

and last but not least

sixth :-
and of course, where would I be in this world if I don't have my blog to love and cherish, am I right?..
the title is My Great Life, this is where I express and share about myself, my thoughts and opinions with others out there..
this is how I connect and have friends from other states in Malaysia, and also from other countries worldwide..
it's like I'm stepping out and seeing different sights around the world without leaving the comfort of my seat..
it's awesome!!

and that concludes the most cherished, lovable and personal things in my life..
all are inside my love basket..
my basket is green to symbolize mother nature and eco-friendliness, the pink is just me being me..
what's inside your basket?..

but the Earth as we know it, is now full of pollution, and I'm not just saying it's just in Malaysia..
it's a global phenomenon, pollution is everywhere, it's like no one cares if the Earth dies..
weih, where are we going to stay if the world cease to exists??..
but the good news is, there are some companies and corporate figures who care..
and one of them is the oh-so-famous SLOGGI!
and to prove that they are aware of the increasing pollution in the world, they have released a new line of products made from recycled materials, namely plastic bottles!
how is it possible, to turn plastic bottles into underwear and bra materials?..
beats me, but it is possible!
this really shows that Sloggi went all out on its research and development and came out with this eco-friendly line of products..
click picture to check out the website..

you have got to love sloggi and its attempt to make the world a greener and cleaner place..
and all its products are chic and comfortable, not to mention stylish..
why should you surrender nature for comfort when you can have both with Sloggi?..

Sloggi ROCKS!
shining star~~


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love your LOVE BASKET..hehehe

aidi-safuan said...

kenapa tiada picture aidi-safuan kat situ? :p

najmie said...

thanks zami.. (^^,)

najmie said...

very original.. hahaha.. =P

najmie said...

sebab tak ada lah.. hahaha..


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