Sunday, April 18, 2010

things you should do to face final exams

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I have Basic Entrepreneurship paper tomorrow, and I'm thinking I should be stopping all these blog updates..
but being the good *stubborn* blogger that I am, I'll keep posting em..
like I said, I found going online to be therapeutic..

okay, these are the things you should do when you face final exams..

when you panic, you will spend all your time worrying about the exams, about the questions, then spending on actually reading and studying the subject..
in the end, you will waste your time and actually panic for a reason when you make your way to the exam hall..
so remember this, do not panic when facing final exams..

go to the library, or flop on your belly and study..
don't waste all your time on going online too much that you forget to study..
*cough meantforme cough*
remember, when you don't study, you will fail..

some students can't really study alone on their own, so they need someone to help keep the brain moving..
so find yourself a study partner..
your friend can be from the same sex or from the opposite sex, it's up to you..
the most important thing is, your friend must be their to help you learn and not distracted with looks or gossips..
your friend must also be someone you feel comfortable with..
remember, focus on studying, and you will be able to face finals..

alright, I'm off to the library..
going to meet my study date, DONGHAE!!

you know, if I actually had a study date with him, I don't think we'd be studying..
I'd obviously be wasting my time ogling him..

good luck with finals everyone!


Judiene said...

are u trying to get nerves out of youself by posting exam-related entry?
good luck for your paper tomorrow!

Hizami Li said...

kinda agree with Judiene.
good luck najmie~

Just_najmiE said...


ahaha, not really.. like i said, blogging is therapeutic for me.. really.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


haha, no lah, really!.. I'm not really nervous, more like bored.. thanks!


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