Monday, April 19, 2010

*UPDATE* My Great Life blogging contest! RM100 voucher up for grabs!

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hey ho awesome peeps!
it's me, the naughty Najmie, as dubbed by my SIFE UUM friends..
but I don't think I'm that naughty, right?..

alright, on to todays reason of posting..
I'm having a blogging contest!
it's very simple..
here's what you have to do..

1) do a review on this blog, in your own words, what you like or don't like regarding this blog, 'My Great Life'..
it can be positive or negative, whichever you like as long as you're honest..
hopefully not that harsh!.. =P

2) link this blog to your post..
example :- I think the chick behind the blog [My Great Life] is awesomely crazy!
:- I hope [Najmie] gets to be the guest blogger for Project Alpha season 3..
well, it doesn't matter what name you use to link to this blog, as long as you link..
you understand, right?..

3) once you have published your blog entry, inform me here by commenting and leaving your permalink in the comment section..

4) to ensure a better chance of winning, be in the top 10 commentators like these awesome people!..
but you don't have to be at the top, just 1 of the 10..

5) you can be this blogs follower and be a fan on the Facebook fan page, but that's optional..
it's up to you if you want to follow my humble blog or not..

6) all entries must either be English or Malay, no Mandarin or Arabic please, coz I won't be able to understand.. (-__-;;

don't understand the rules in English?..
meh aku terangkan dalam BM pulak..

1) tulis blog review pasal blog aku nih, My Great Life..
kau nak tulis positif ka negatif ka aku tak kisah asalkan kau ikhlas komen pasal blog aku..
font besar gedabak ka, tak cukup seksi ka, dah comel ka apa ka, suka hati kau lah ya..

2) kau kena link kan blog aku dalam review kau..
contoh :- aku suka baca [My Great Life] sebab layout dia sangat simple dan menarik..
:- si [Najmie] penulis blog tu gila gila sket, hati-hati bila baca blog dia..
hah, kau paham tak timah?

3) lepas kau dah publish post kau kat blog kau, kau copy paste url kau atau permalink tu kat bahagian comment entry nih..

4) untuk kasi up sket peluang kau untuk menang, kau jadi salah sorang top 10 commentators dalam blog nih..
takpayah no 1 pun takpa, no 5 ka, 7 ka pun ok..
macam mana nak buat?..
kau komen banyak2 dalam blog aku nih, nanti naik la nama kau dalam top 10 tu..

5) kalau kau minat dengan gaya penulisan atau kegilaan aku, kau jadi follower blog nih atau jadi fan kat facebook..
tapi yang tu suka hati kau lah, aku tak paksa..

6) entri blog review kau boleh buat dalam bahasa melayu ataupun bahasa inggeris.. asalkan bukan mandarin atau arab, sebab nanti aku tak paham weih.. (-__-;;

now, who can join this contest?..
1) cute and handsome guys with blogs..
2) cute and awesome girls with blogs..
3) awesome blog followers..
4) awesome none blog followers..
5) Malaysian resident..
6) everyone with fingers to type on the keyboard!

what are the qualities the panel of judges look for in your blog review?..
1) creativity - kreatif
2) sincerity - ikhlas
3) originality - original
4) fun! - menarik
5) picture is a bonus! - ada gambar lagi best!

when is the due date for this contest?..
the answer is 23rd April 2010 at 11.59pm
you have about 9 days to complete this contest..

so what are the prizes up for grabs?..

1st prize :- a Nokia E72 voucher worth RM100 + one of a kind anime art
2nd :- RM 20 + one of a kind chibi art
3rd :- RM 10 + one of a kind chibi art

my sister, [Feshnie], has kindly agreed to sponsor some of her original artwork..
for those who is not familiar with her art work, you can go to her blog or click [here]..
the 2nd and 3rd prizes are subject to change, you know, in case I find something better to give or add something else..
I know it's not much, but it's something, right?..
so imagine you win the 1st prize..
you get to save RM100 from your purchase of Nokia E72 phone..
what, you don't know how that phone model looks like?!
OMG, do you live in a cave or something?..
*padahal mula-mula diri sendiri pun tak tau jugak*
well, here's a picture..

handsome model, ain't it?..
when you win, you'll get RM100 off from your purchase of this phone..
kalau kau menang boleh jimat RM100 bila kau beli handset nih..
weih, kau jangan ingat aku nak bagi tepon nih pulak, voucher ja la!
so what are you waiting for?..
start doing a review of this blog, and who knows, you might be the lucky one walking away with this prize..

you won't know your luck if you don't try!
shining star~~


are you awesome too?..


Hizami Li said...

oh my.
u noe najmie,
23rd April.
that's my besday.
so i hav to join.
n win this thing.

fitriah said...

waaa memang handsome!


Khairi said...

hand phone tu mahal tak?

xkisah mahal ke tak mmg akan join. cuma tanya hehehehe.

sbb nmpk mcm mahal je huhu

feshnie said...

Since I'm one of the top commentators in your blog, I feel obliged to join this.
Let's hope time is on my side. You might be Prussia but don't think my reviews are going to be good -_-;;

Owh, if it helps, I'd contribute on the prize...but then wouldn't be fair if I joined....hmm...

faaza said...

udah join yea..
first prize rasanya mmg x can nk dpt..2/3 hopefully rezeki tue berpihak pada faaza:P

sinarraudah said...

Salam perkenalan,saya dah add link awak so di harap awak juga dapat membalas kunjungan saya..jemput la ke "teratak" amy yea..

Qaseh said...

Salam kenal,you blog a lot of interesting. I like it.

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, then entry la my dear.. I'm waiting for ur entry.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

fit dear..

join la sayang, tak kan nak drool mcm tu ja kot.. =DD

Just_najmiE said...


market price is RM1200 but I don't know the exact price now, dah turun kot.. (^^,)

join tau, nnt i'll enter ur contest too ok?.. hehehe..

Just_najmiE said...


u are welcome to join, but since u're contributing to the prizes, ur blog review is just going to be for fun and will not count ya?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


thank u for the entry!.. akak dah tgk.. wow, boleh tahan jugak!.. hahaha.. good luck ya!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


salam perkenalan!.. awk, saya takda link awk la.. boleh tinggalkan tak kat chat box?.. nnt sy balas kunjungan ya..

thanks singgah sini!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


salam kenal.. hehehe, thanks! singgah2 selalu ya.. (^^,)

feshnie said...

Okayz. Will try my best to create a 'fun' one.

*the pressure...*

Just_najmiE said...


awesome!.. looking forward to it.. piccies too please!! (^^,)

EIPUL said...

ko sama macam zami, nak buat contest. haha

weh, pekata ko kasik aku free hp tu. Nampak cambest jek. Hihi

feshnie said...

It's not fun but it's an entry
>.> 'm too sleep deprived...

Just_najmiE said...


weih, aku buat kontest dlu, baru zami buat la.. huhuh.. aku bukan nak bg hp la, voucher jek.. hehe..

Just_najmiE said...


thanks!.. it's wonderful.. (^^,)


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