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My saddest story regarding money..

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Khairi's second novel, "Cinta di Alam Maya" sucks coz it's too scary.. it's better if it was a sad story like this..
okay, it's not fully a sad story, it's mixed with anger a bit..
read to know..


the year was 2001, I was young, about 13 years old, and was very active in Taekwondo club..
so active that I was picked as the Treasurer of the club, collecting money from the club members to throw a small get together and some eating among us members at the end of the year..
all the money I've collected were then kept in this owl bank..

hey, I was young, can't I have an animal for a bank?..
I was so happy to hold a position, to do something of importance..
every time I collected money, I'd run home happily and place it in my owl bank..
it's filling up quite fast..
till one day.......
it was a hot day..
I returned home..
everything at school was great..
my maths teacher gave very little homework, and my science teacher was on sick leave..
everything was perfect..

I was cooling myself in front of the television, watching Detective Conan..
my little sister, Wahida was eating some sweets, and offered me some..
she even had some of the expensive candies..
it was quite peculiar, so I asked her, where did you get this?
she answered, from our cousin, Din..
Din lives next door to us, and he's 2 years older than Wahida..
oh, okay than, guess it's not that weird..
maybe his mother just gave him an allowance or something..
so I ate the sweets without thinking further on it..

that night, after bathing and finishing my homework, I had the sudden burning urge to check on my owl bank..
I was scared that maybe Wahida took a few ringgit since she knew I kept all the money there..
I love her and all that, but one can never be too cautious..
so I took out the owl bank from my desk..
to my surprise, it was empty!

I started panicking, where is my money?.. who the fcuk took my money?!! damn it!
*yes, I had learn to curse since I was young, the downside to having many guys as your friends*
my first suspect was of course Wahida, with all her sweets and candies..
I bombarded her with questions, with my face trying to keep in the anger but failing miserably, which eventually got her crying..
yes, I was a bad sister for doing that to her but you have to know that I was young and pissed off!..
someone fcuking stole my money!!
yelling isn't something new in that kind of situation..
mum tried to cool me down when I burst into tears..
all the money, gone..
and it's not even my money, it was other peoples money..
I collected around RM50, which in 2001 was a lot for a 13 year old kid like me to get back..
my allowance was only RM3 per day..
how was I supposed to find money to repay back till RM50??

after cooling down, I asked Wahida where she got the money to buy the candies..
she told me, Din gave it to her, around RM5..
so she used that money to buy the candies..
then I asked her again, where did Din get the money?..
she said she didn't know, he suddenly got the money after we played 'kawen-kawen' in the living room..
WTF, in this living room??
in this house??..
the living room in this house where my desk was 4 feet away??
I was so fcuking pissed!!..
now I know the culprit how stole my money..

I admit, I cursed and swear a lot that night..
a whole lot of hatred for a small kid like me..
so the next day, I went to Din and asked him, did you take my money from the owl bank?
he said no, my mum gave it to me..
don't you fcuking lie to me! I know you took it!
my face was full of anger..
Din was starting to feel timid..
he finally caved and said I did, but I didn't know it belonged to anyone..
money that didn't belong to anyone??
money kept in an owl bank on a desk and out of side didn't belong to anyone??
that was bullshit right there..
I was angry, and I took him to see his mother where I told her of what he did..
his mother, my aunt who I hate, laughed it up and said, kids, what can you do?
keep them under control la bodoh!

she brushed his action of stealing my money as juvenile and made him apologize..
and that was just it..
she didn't even pay back the RM50 her son stole from me..
he fcuking stole from me!!
what kind of mother is she?..
the fcuking screwed up kind, that's what..
I've always hated that family, hence I stay clear from them until now..

now why is it a sad story?..
because I was 13, young and full on anger, and my own cousin, stole from me, while his stupid parents did nothing about it..
that's pretty sad right there, don't you agree?..
so in the end, my mum paid the RM50, and I slowly repaid her with housework, sister sitting, doing well in exams, etc..
all because of RM50..
see, money is important..


so what's your saddest money related story?..
share it with me by joining [this contest!]
and I'd like to listen to Hizami and Judiene's sad story regarding money..
and you can even make it in Malay..
hurry, the contest ends on 1st May 2010..

good luck everyone!


Hizami Rahim said...

i try la.
my exam will start tomorrow.
wish me luck~

Judiene said...

why me??
huhuu, i will, i'll try since i've lots of stories regarding money
but dunno if i can turn it into an essay

if i were you, i'll be cursing the kid and his mom right in front of their face!
ahahahahaa *evil laugh*

Just_najmiE said...


haha, okies, u can start when ever u want, but the due date is 1st may ok?.. (^^,)

good luck with exams!

Just_najmiE said...


haha, it's a story, u can do anything u want meh, doesn't matter how long.. hehe..

I couldn't, that would be considered rude.. but I wanted to, so so bad! =DD

feshnie said...

Fuck...reading this entry really got me riled up again.
I fucking hate what happened that time. Even if it didn't happen to me, I wanted to kill someone. Yes, I was capable of murderous thoughts at the age of ten. No surprise there.

Ugh, the fact that Wahida was an accomplice of sorts, made me even angrier at that shithead bastard.
I need to go cool down >.>
It's your fault.

PS: Owl bank is scary. You just managed to give me nightmares

Just_najmiE said...

please do not curse in this blog.. type fcuk, not fuck please.. haha.. =P

relax, it's in the past.. hey, it's not my fault.. pfttt.. =D

p/s - it's not my bank.. mr google gave it to me.. haha..

Anonymous said...

are u sure cinta di alam dint do homework before joined..hmm bit attitude


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