Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I cheated.. shhh, don't tell anyone!

Mood : guilty

I really did cheat, I'm so very sorry..
I didn't mean to, but it sort of happened..
sort of an impulsive decision, actually..
it all started on Sunday morning.....
I met one of my best friends from high school, Tasnim..
we haven't met for about a year or 2, been a long time la since we met..
he's now doing his practical at the UUM Computer Center for the next 2 months..
we agreed to meet via Facebook the night before, so we met up at Lego cafe, UUM..
we had lunch at 11.30am..
early isn't it?..
this is where and why I cheated..
after a whole week without rice, on this day, I ate rice!
omg, the carbs I have to burn off..
and to top it all, my friend bought me a slice of blueberry cheesecake!
it's a piece of heavennnnnnn, sumpah tak tipu..
okay tipu sikit, mana aku penah rasa heaven macam mana..
nyum nyum~~
mine is only a slice la, I can't eat both, that's crazy!
the other slice belonged to my friend..
I don't know why the lady only gave us one plate..
maybe she thought we were bf gf..
well, technically it is true, we are best friends, BF, get it?..
wanna see my friend Tasnim?..
here you go!
okay fine, it's actually the both of us, but you get the point..
so he's the culprit who made me cheat on my diet of no rice or carbs..
okay, fine, bukan salah dia, aku yang terliur dan tergoda..
nafsu makan tinggi bila lepak kat cafe penuh dengan makanan sedap..
haa, puas tak aku ngaku nih?..
wahahaha, muka tak sabar nak makan kek yang tersangat sedap lepas tak makan kek langsung sempena birthday tahun nih jadi makan la puas-puas esok ikat perut pulak okay?..
wow, that was a mouthful to say and so effin long..

my happy face up close..
I didn't edit anything on my face, but, OMG!
my nose is so big!!!
rezeki banyak, insyaallah..

this was the big dilemma, either to choose my craving for cake, or to study for final exams..
guess which I chose?..
the CAKE, obviously!!
I finished it in between talks with my friend..
omg, the plate is empty!
who stole the cakes, where did they go?..
hahaha, denial..
we sat at Unicafe, UUM library for about over an hour, eating cake and catching up..
but mostly it's just me talking..
Tas was just so shy even though we are best friends..
maybe coz we haven't met each other for so long..
here's the view from my seat..
I saw lots of people walking by, in different clothing, with different styles of wardrobe..
you'd be surprise to see some of their bold choices..
brr, so scary!

btw, my friend has gotten handsome now..
not that he wasn't handsome before, it's just, I didn't notice it much when we were back in the old days..
cettt, cakap old days macam dah tua sangat..
plus I was with someone else at that time, so I didn't really notice other people..
a bit Chinese looking..
22 years old..
172 or 176cm I think, but I don't know how much he weighs..
IT related field of studies..
single and available, people!!
anyone interested?

oh, but NO gays please!
he's had enough of gays bothering him..
he shared some of his encounters with gay men, and it really creped him out..
it creped me out too just from listening!
but I'm not going to share our stories here, it's for our ears only..
and eyes too!

so there you go, the story of how I cheated on my diet and ate rice and cake..
nyum nyumm..
now I'm back on track with my diet, so glad..
btw, I've had compliments from friends and cousins who said I look slimmer, so I'm practically happy and all smiles..

night awesome people!
shining star~~


fitriah said...

omg i loveeeee cake! the cake looks super yummieh!:)

Hizami Rahim said...

nasib baik tak gemok~

arekymz membuyau said...

i want it too!!
tp nak cokelat kek..
aah la..
nak jumpe my bestie time skula gak la..
mesti malu2 kucing budak uh..

.o r k e d. said...

lpas tgk cake tu, ta pk ape dah. trus g bakery n i bought a cake.hahha.hi tasnim! :p

Judiene said...

that's not cheating la my dear
i do it often

Just_najmiE said...


it was yummy!.. =D

Just_najmiE said...


yey, tak gemok! =DD

Just_najmiE said...


haha, ok fine, chocolate cake pun sedap, tp parah la klau mkn dua2 dalam satu masa.. haha..

Just_najmiE said...


haha, sampai mcm tu skali eh?.. =DD tasnim says hi too! =P

Just_najmiE said...


it's considered cheating for me since I haven't been eating rice for a week and also avoiding carbs and fat foods.. hehe..


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