Saturday, May 1, 2010

[CONTEST] send me to New York please! and win yourself 4 TICKETS to the movie screening of Sex And The City 2 and souvenirs from New York!

*please read till the end to know about the contest *

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yeah, you read it right!
please send my mum and me to New York, just by voting on my article submission on the official HP website..
the 5 top voted article will be reviewed by the HP Board and stand a chance to win the trip to New York City..
I currently only have 9 votes, and I need to have at least 90 votes to ensure a place in the top 5..
and I really want to bring my mum for a vacation, she deserves it so so much..
she's been slaving over taking care of her five children, and being a single mother too..
not to mention balancing everything while finishing her PhD..
she hasn't been on a vacation for a long long time, and now I have an opportunity to bring her somewhere foreign..
it's an early Mothers' Day present if I win, but I need your help to make my wish come true!
please support me!

and hey, you can win something for yourself too!
4 tickets to the Sex And The City 2 movie screening in KL!
not 1, not 2 but 4!
you can bring your whole family, or friends, or do a double date!
and how can you win the tickets?..
here's the simple 4 steps..
it's really that simple!
make sure you vote before 2nd May 2010, the voting ends at 11.59pm..
so head over to [this website] to start filling up a form to create an account..
yeah, of course you have to create an account, how will HP contact you with the 4 tickets you won?..
here's how the form will look like..
and my advise, if you have more than 1 email account, create accounts for those emails too..
the more email accounts, the better..
it increases your chance of winning, remember?..
after the form is completed, an email will be sent to your email account..
you can activate your HP account that enables you to vote and be in the chance to win..

then head over to the gallery and click on my article submitted..
or directly [click here]
you'll see my entry..
read through of just click the blue "vote this" button..
a pop up window will appear with a simple question that you have to answer to win the 4 tickets..
the question is "What is tech chic?"
it's that simple!
and if you have no idea what tech chic is, you can copy my answer here..
"Tech chic is a person who not only focuses on the latest fashion, but also the latest gadgets and accessories which are sleek and stylish."

so please please please, send me and my mum to New York!
and hey, you can win the 4 tickets too!
let's all be winners, okay?..
you wouldn't know your luck unless you try, right?..

and as a bonus...
if you post about this contest I'm joining on your blog and get at least 10 of your blog readers to vote for me,
I will review your blog and bring you some souvenirs when I come back from New York!..
imagine 300++ worth of traffic to your blog and a present, all the way from around the world!
the more people you get to vote for me from your blog, the more expensive your souvenir will be!
this is a promise from me, if I win the trip..
so what are you waiting for?..
spread the word around and get your blog readers to vote for me!..
and make sure they comment on your blog after they have voted..
and remember, the due date is 2nd May 2010, at 11.59pm..
once you have made the entry on your blog, inform me here in the comment form below this entry..

your support is highly appreciated and a lot of love goes out to you awesome people out there!
you guys ROCK!
shining star~~


izzlin said...

najmie... akak baru ingt nak vote for you...
tp when it comes to create account.. trus jadi malas..
lain la kalau akak sgt teruja nk mng that 4 tickets kan...

btw, good luck..
akak tolong promote blog awak je la k...

maladagreatnorul said...

good luck dude

izzlin said...

da blog pasal contest awak...
good luck :)

hizamili said...


Judiene said...

owh i see..good luck dear! =)

akimmembuyau said...

okay..i think it would be great for me to try helping you..
but i'm not sure there will be a readers on my blog..

najmie said...

akak, tolong tolong.. I really need the votes.. klau akak vote n najmie dpt pegi Now York, guarantee najmie beli something for akak.. tp akak kena vote utk najmie dlu.. thanks ya akak..

najmie said...

errr, but I'm a girl.. hahaha.. thanks anyway.. =P

najmie said...

thanks akak.. vote jugak eh?..

najmie said...

thanks zami.. tolong vote eh?.. please.. =)

najmie said...

thank u, but please vote for me ya.. (^^,)

najmie said...

it's okay, but please vote for me at the page ya.. I really need the votes to be one of the top 5.. thank u..

aidi-safuan said...

nape xleh nak vote pon. dia kater da close. bukan 2 haribulan ke close?

najmie said...

cuba lagi skali.. thanks!.. (^^,)


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