Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sharing is Caring~~

Mood : hopeful

I was going through my emails and I got a video from Aunty Zah who lives in the states..
thanks aunty for the vid..
check it out!

owh, and don't forget to pause the SuJu songs first..

this video is dedicated to those who smoke..
forget about the girls not wearing tudung or properly concealing their 'aurat' and focus on the message given..
can't you see?..
you're just killing yourself and others around you with your smoking..
plus, you're burning a hole in your pockets man!!
if you don't want your money so much, why don't you just give the money to me?..
but seriously, quit smoking cos fyi,
majority of women like guys who don't smoke, me included..
shining star~~

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