Monday, July 13, 2009


Mood :- muahahahaha!!!

I've finally registered!!!
I'm a UNI student now!!

I have to pack a few stuff and then I'm off..
sleeping in DPP SME Bank outside of campus..
gila bapak jauhhhh..
but only for a few days, and then I'll be back at home..
class starts on Wednesday..
I'll get the schedule tomorrow..
here are some pics..



filling in the forms..

done registering.. wuhooo!!!

waiting for my turn to take my matrix card picture..

my pic turned out, tembam.. (T_T)

mum n me outside Bank Islam, duh..

registering at SME Bank, DPP at Bukit Kachi..
already got the keys in my hands!

where I'll be residing for the next few days..

in my room, looking at the view..
I don't have a roommate yet..


my sis says, 'I won't let go!'
auwww, I feel so loved..


meh corridor..
and meh mum..

aloloo, rajinnya..

da view..

well, that's all for now..
I'll update later after orientation tomorrow..
bye's people!!
shining star~~


feshnie said...

You get to sleep at those freaky dormitories. Good luck, yo!
Lol. It must be exciting for you.
Congratulations again!
P/S: Kak Intan didn't come with?

nihin iz said...

I was like wth u'll sleep in DPP SME Bank? but then I realised that its ur hostel name. LOL.

My friend have already tell me about the uniqueness of UUM hostel name.. :D

Kotak Hati said...

gud luck..
wish only da bez 4 u..

Lilianna Mardiana said...

waaaaa, congrats dear! best of luck with your uni life. gosh, i hate orientation, haha. :D

intan said...

congrats! hope u like your temporary place...sorry i didn't send you...i was at home -sick- wuhuu....anyway proud of u my sis! take care!

Just_najmiE said...


yeshh, I slept there for a night.. it wasn't that bad, coz the building was still new and all.. and I slept alone.. got no roommate.. hohoho..

nope, intan was back home..

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, yeah!.. the names are based on big companies who pay big bucks to have their names as DPP's.. there's Petronas, Proton, TNB, Maybank, Bank Rakyat and more.. unique ain't it?.. hahaha..

Just_najmiE said...

kotak hati..

thanks dude!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


haha, thanks dear!.. I didn't have the long orientation, it was just one day.. fuhhh~~

I hate orientation too.. hahaha!!

Just_najmiE said...


thanks babe!.. wuhooo!! I'm sleep deprived right now.. uwaaa~~

sHaH said...

kat kachi banyak cite2 seram tau..
dengar kata penah ada budak gantung diri dlm bilik..
awak takde roomate tu..
jaga diri leklok..
mana tau..

(i'm in evil mode..)

Just_najmiE said...


citer seram?.. hahaha, tak takut pon.. mana dok situ dah.. skrg berulang dari umah ja, lg senang.. jgn jeles! hahaha..

Anonymous said...

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