Thursday, July 2, 2009

a bit better~~

Mood : sorry sorry sorry sorry~~

(SuJu 3rd Album)


I'm so sorry to everyone for my outburst in the previous post..

I wasn't feeling well.. lalalala~~

mianhae yorobun!

well, here are the pics I promised..

it was from Tuesday and Wednesday..

I'll include the captions under all the pictures ya..

a kind of lizard that we call, Pokke..

it's big isn't it?..

this was taken while waiting to pick up wahida from school..
I liked the discoloration from the rust..

once again, this is Quratul Ain, my niece..
isn't she the cutest?..

watcha looking at my dear?..

the big hall in UUM..
lotsa new students, around 6000++..
ramai siot!!

the Malay girls were wearing Baju Kurung with sandals while the non-malays wore slacks and button down shirts..
overall, the speech at the hall was ok, informative so to say, but the MC sucked eggs..
memalukan laa, seriously..
were there no other person to be MC?..
I've been an MC before in my college days and I know it plays a vital part in the whole ceremony..
if the MC sucked, the ceremony will also be classified as sucked..

anyways, these chinese girls were sitting in front of me and their heads were swaying from side to side..
I heard that the orientation was harsh and the students didn't get enough sleep..
well, I guess they do now!

here's my mum, giving a lecturer about Bachelor in Entrepreneurship (BENT)
she ROCKS!!
like seriously..
and to prove it, here's a picture of the students in the lecture hall..

they were paying attention to her every words..
she SO rocked!
too bad I can't attend any of her classes, conflict of interest plak kan..
but doesn't matter, I can always ask her anything I don't understand at home right?..
:D :D :D
don't worry, I won't cheat..
I'm a good girl okay..

around 5.30pm, my sisters and I plus hubby, abg Hafiz wen't to the sports complex to ride the double seated bikes..
and an accident happened..
uwaaaaa, rosak sluar aku!!
sob sob
I went home looking sexy..

Kak Ijah and Wahida..

while we were biking, the new students were walking on the sidewalk and we cycled past them..
a girl took out her phone camera and aim to take our pic..
being a spontaneous person, I showed her a peace sign!
she had a laugh, we had a laugh..
am I cool or what?..
hahahaha.. XD

the bicycle stunt man, abg Hafiz..

we also went to the dear park near the sports complex and met new friends..
this is Bambi..

and these are Bambi's parents, Timon and Pumba...
I seriously don't know who's Bambi's parents are..

and there's me!
feeding Bambi..
he looks strained, cian dia..

Wahida wanted to ride in front so I let her..
she started riding alone first..
but after that, I rode at the back..
it started ok, but we nearly tumbled over..
I hate to not be in charge..
so not gonna let her steer again..

well, that's about it for now..
I'll update later..
take care awesome people!!
shining star~~


sHaH said...

hola gurls..
wah uum skrg da byk student baru?
r u involved in the orientation week?

i'll be in uum tomoro..

Just_najmiE said...

hyep shah!

yep, ramai gila student baru.. about 6000.. no, I'm not involved with the orientation coz I'm not even a student in UUM.. ironic isn't it?.. hahaha..

have a safe trip from Sarawak!..

Story oF My LiFe... said...

do u get the access 2 the campus freely??
enjoyable la beb...

MISZ NaNa said...

waaa...mase orientasi dulu nana pun tidor dlm dewan hehe~ XD

Just_najmiE said...


muahahahaha!!!.. jeles tak?.. it's kinda the benefit of living on campus.. ufufufu~~

Just_najmiE said...

misz nana..

tido jgk?.. jga2, ntah2 ada org snap gmbar nana tido tak tutup mulut.. muahahaha!!


EIPUL said...

owh. kamu study kat uum ea? kenal mira tak? dia duduk kat putrajaya. Aku rasa dia amek course accountg kot. Entah lupa nak tanya detail. Lalala

Just_najmiE said...


nope, tak study kat UUM, tp mak lecturer kat sini n umah kat dlm kampus ja.. tu yg slalu jenjalan n pegi gym tuh.. hahaha..

Wahida K said...

memang seronok naik basikal.....
wahida minta maaf waktu nak jatuh tu......



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