Wednesday, July 22, 2009

butt kicking time!! XD

Mood : sejuk..

it's raining right now in UUM, so cold..
I recently joined WTF Taekwondo club and squash club..
good for my quest to lose weight..
my Taekwondo lessons will begin this Saturday, which is for starters..
there's also a fighters lesson, where they train students for tournaments..
that's on Thursday..
I'm gonna go to both..
I so miss kicking people!
both lessons are at 8.30 till 11pm at the library's foyer..
so UUM students, come see me kick butt!!

on an unrelated story..
I sent my credit transfer form today..
I have successfully transferred 4 subjects,

International Business
and Human Resource Management..

I think there's another subject I transferred but I forgot which one..
the other 11 subjects are still under consideration, whether UUM accepts it or not..
if that happens, I might cut down on my study time in UUM from 4 years to 2 and a half years or 3 years..
my fingers are crossed, and hopefully I'll end early and start my Masters..

so since I transferred my credit for TITAS, I won't be seeing Affendy nemore..
there's only gonna be 1 class with him, which is Ethnics every Monday and Thursday at 5.00 till 6.30pm..
I guess it's fine..
the crush phase is coming to an end..
there has been no feedback so I'm moving on..
unless something else unfolds, then it might never change..
there are plenty more fish in the sea..
kan kan kan??!

well, I'm off!
gotta go to the gas station to fill in the tank and do some grocery..
and pick up Wahida from school..
my class starts at 5pm till 6.30pm..
dudaii awesome people!
shining star~~

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