Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm a Survivor!!

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today was my second day of class..
my class started at 2pm, which again, I got lost trying to find the way.. hahahaha!
but I'll get to that later..
let's start from the beginning of my day..

I went to the UUM clinic at 8.30am with 4 of my friends, two younger than me..
we had our medical checkup..
everything was perfectly normal up to the point where they drew blood to test for Hepatitis..
I was strong, then weak, then strong again..
it's been a while since I drew blood or signed up for blood donation so that was fun..
and it didn't hurt, trust me..
the uncomfortable part of the checkup was the x-ray..
I had to strip off my clothes, the upper part to be exact, and it was really uncomfortable..
there were 6 of us, a Chinese girl included..
it was really really really uncomfortable..
but I lived!

I went home around 11.45am after buying lunch with my mum..
I rushed to class around 1.45pm, and I got lost..
I thought I know my way around UUM since I've been living here for the past 3 years but nooooooo, I had to get lost!
well, personally, I think everyone who studies here had lost their way in UUM once in his or her lifetime, coz the place is freaking HUGE man!
so back to the story..

I walked up and down the stairs at Colgis building to find that goddem class, sweating like a monkey wearing a space suit and I was starting to get pissed!
the place is so complicated and classses are everywhere..
very hard for the students, exspecially ME..
don't they have a map of buildings and classes here?..
well, I finally found the class with the help of my friend, Hanes..
we got to the class in one piece, thank god..
Process Writing, group L6..
got only 22 people in class, so awesome..
but the class was boring, I nearly nodded off..
(-_-) zzZZ

at 3.30pm, I dashed to my next class in DKG 2/3..
I found it and entered..
not much people and I made some friends..
they're all in semester 4 or 5, and I'm only in semester 1..
hurm, am I way over my head?..
no lah!
I already took the subject in my college, kinda like accounting..
we had to go into a group for a group assignment and I started to panic..
I don't know anyone!
so a guy came up to me and asked if I already had a group.. I said no..
he asked me to join his group and I said yes..
5 people, and I'm the only girl..
shocker there..
one of the members was a foreigner from Bangladesh..
his name is Syed..
he was awed by my English and is now my fan..
hahaha, NOT!
the guys were nice people and kinda funny..

next class, Ethnics in DKG 3/1..
it was a big lecture hall, can fit about 700 people in one session, I think..
and it was almost full..
the lecturer was ok, funny once in a while..
the subject was also ok, bearable..
lotsa stuff to read and understand though..
but do you wanna know what the best is about this class?..
Affendy is in it!!
hahahaha, kegatalan melanda..
if you don't know who he is, check out my previous post..
he looked so handsome in that dark blue buttondown shirt with that perfect hair and skin..
we made eye contact for about 5 seconds, and they were the best 5 seconds of my life!
not really, but somewhat like that..
I'm sooooooo gonna talk to him..
hope he doesn't have a girlfriend yet, or worst, younger than me!

well, I became the group leader in my Ethnic group..
big shocker there..
just because I'm noisy, doesn't really make me a leader..
but I like being a leader anyway, so we're good..
I'm pretty sure they picked me coz I stand out the most..
and coz I'm so AWESOME!
shining star~~


MISZ NaNa said...

next time snap a picture of him. haha~ so boleh la saye melihatnya juga

Just_najmiE said...


maybe later.. he doesn't know of my existence lg.. hehehe.. wait for a while.. will update on that.. (^^,)


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