Thursday, July 2, 2009

Malaysian Dramas are So......

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to all die hard fans of Malaysian oriented dramas or movies, this entry may contain non-likable points on the said issue..

read with discreetion..

so I was watching Keliwon on TV3 coz my mum and my sis wanted to watch it..

I personally don't know why..

do you wanna know what I think about Malaysian dramas in general?..





what kind of person would go to sleep wearing make up?..

what kind of person would not switch on the light when they get goosebumps?..

what kind of story that portrays Malaysian people, especially Muslims and not show them PRAYING throughout the whole story?..

and did you know that not all the actors can actually act?.. the director just picked them coz they're pretty to look at, seriously.. and some of them SUCKED EGGS!!.. but not all of them, just some..

the actress in the dramas over make up and wear tight and revealing clothes.. I mean, are there no more decent dresses?.. I know it's KL, but no one wears like that every time they go out!.. honestly!

Malay dramas are so full of hate and vindictive traits.. everyone hates everyone and tries the hardest to take down the people they hate..

if an actor or actress plays a bad character, they become really really bad and hated by all the viewers.. and when an actor or actress plays a good character, he or she is so nice and gullible and falls for all the schemes and pranks done by the bad people.. and they become so pathetic, crying their eyes out and not even defend themselves.. stupid la.. I personally blame the script writers..

the scripts are so phony la.. the things said by the actors does not portray the real life situations and dialogs.. what they say, how they say it aren't the things normal people would say.. am I right?.. and the story line are sometimes downright hilarious and un-comprehensible..

and did you notice that somehow actors get really luxurious houses, cars, etc. and have a title, if not Tan Sri, it's Dato'.. come on la, so fake!.. berangan much?.. I mean, how many percent of Malaysians actually live that way?.. bogus man!

well, that's all I got for now..

it's kinda why I don't watch Malay oriented dramas or movies..

so now you know my stand on this issue..


if you have any other ideas about this subject, feel free to add it in the comment form..

arigato gonzaimasu!!~~









shining star~~


kerol said...

wow...agk hbt celoteh nyer...hehehe...abis kna setempek kt drama ada btul gk...citer keliwon 2 mmg ada citer yg mmg best..espcially biler nk dkt raya..citer yg amat realistik n menyayat ati..hehehe..

Just_najmiE said...


uii, belom tido?.. hahaha.. yeah, mmg tu yg sy fikir tentang drama melayu.. btul apa awk ckp, time raya ada byk citer yg ok, but still what u see does not really reflect the real life kan?..

and apesal susah gila nk jmpa pelakon perempuan yg pakai tudung?.. we only have a handful of those, yg lain mendedahkan aurat merata2.. for example, SpaQ.. baju diorg, perghh, gila seksi.. mcm la pakaian kat malaysia nih tak cukup kain.. klau diorg dok kat Afrika takpa la jgk, org2 miskin, can't afford to buy clothes.. nih tak, lg kaya seseorg tuh, lg sikit kain di bdn.. apa kes?..

contoh bad storyline is aritu adik sy ada tgk kat tv so I saw it for a while.. and I was saying, WTF??!! gila mengarut citer nih! and the actors suck!! script and storyline yg tak logic dan mengarut tahap gaban.. huhuhu~~

so to all the die hard fans, sorry to say, even though I'm a Malay, I don't support Malaysian dramas and movies unless they change their ways.. but don't get me wrong, I love Malaysia.. (^^,)

Judiene said...

well said..

actually kn, aku stuju r ngn entry ni
drama2 melayu mmg ntah ape2
kdg2 bkn setakat storyline or dialog je
tp bnda2 remeh cm bckground music pn main peranan taw
dats y most of malay dramas cm gloomy je

dats wat i feel


Just_najmiE said...


thanks!.. mmg dh lama nk taip entry nih, but was thinking about my life so I kept writing bout them instead of this topic.. tp lpas tgk Keliwon smlm, rasa menyampah membuak2, tu yg taip tu.. hahaha!

yeah, u're right.. background music mmg penting.. bru viewers dpt 'feel', so to say.. (^^,)

thanks for sharing!


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