Wednesday, July 8, 2009

pissed again

Mood : all smiles.. (^^,)

I've been fasting for 3 days straight..
lost a few pounds here and there..
my tummy is also getting smaller..

well, my internet connection is going haywire..
the connection is there but no data transfer is going on..
it's bugging me, like seriously..
I think the thunder and lightning last night hit something or whatnot..
damn it..
but the bottom line is, the connection is fried..
or toast..
or bacon..
eeeeemmmmmmm, sedap..
wait, not related to topic..ufufufu~~

so for the time being, I'll be offline, watching tv and not be online..
I'm pissed but not really feeling like I wanna go drama queen on you guys..
plus, tambah dosa ja, I'm fasting weih!!
oh well, I'm out..
shining star~~


nihin iz said...

oh mine also like that and i am using streamyx.. the connection is there but we couldnt received back.. idk why .. got pissed bout that too.. but usually i go and shut my laptop and turn off the modem thingy and let it for a while..

it works for me.. sometimes it dont but yeah i always do that..

fasting? huuhuhu cool cos i was thinking to fast too but berjaya sehari je sbb now ada red flag.. whatever.. ok i am blabbering here.. :D

Just_najmiE said...

nihin iz..

I'm using streamyx too.. there's a romour that streamxy and celcom is having a conspiracy with the government.. something about cutting back on data transferred.. don't really know the details though but it's pissing me off!

thanks for the tip.. I also do the same with the same result, sometimes works and sometimes doesn't..

red flag?.. hehehe.. good luck fasting during class later in the future, it'll be hard, I bet.. kinda why I'm fasting now while not working or studying.. got 5 more days to go!.. (^^,)

Ir. Nurul `Izzah said...

owh.... my celcom connection is ok. bleh buka 24 jam. ehehe... btw, i thought the connection will be better depends on e place. some is slower n some is faster. n i gna laju je. ehehe.... selamat bersabar yaaaa...

Just_najmiE said...


well, I guess so but I wouldn't really know coz I don't own a broadband.. hehehe.. using wireless right now..

thanks though!.. (^^,)

nihin iz said...

yeah i heard that too but they say something about tmnet is selling their shares to singapore.. i dont know.. but they say a new brand of streamyx (or whatever it called) is fster. entah la.. too much choices kadang2 menyesakkan minda.. :)

Just_najmiE said...


I think it's called wimax or pimax, name unsure.. hehe.. don't worry, u'll make the right choice.. (^^,)


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