Monday, July 20, 2009

A long post with Lotsa pictures!

Mood : lalala~~

it's been a while since I posted pictures of my life, so this is gonna be a long post, with lotsa pictures!
note, these pictures were not edited in any way coz I'm using my sisters' laptop and it doesn't have photoshop..

highlights of my pictures are :-
hostel room,
first day of class,
my mum n me,
and Harry Potter!!

so bear with me here..

meh bed in DPP SME Bank, Bukit Kachi..
16A 206..
cozy room and quite spacious..

meh keys and the book I read for a whole afternoon and evening..
awesome book btw from my favorite author, John Grisham..

cam-whoring at 7.15 in the morning before going to the one day orientation..

meh face with make-up..
is it too much? (>_<)

meh first day of TITAS class..
about 500 people in this class, gila ramai!
Affendy is in this picture, but his face is not clear..
the guy in brown pants, that's him..

with my friends, Farah in cream and Naz light purple..

my mum n me during a seminar in Alor Star..

we went to the movies today..
story of choice, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince..
one word, AWESOME!!!!!!

with the stars..
there were lotsa people lined up near me, but I paid no attention to them..
slumber ja babe!

our ticket was at 12pm, the time shows that it's 11.40am..
we loitered at the bowling alley for a few minutes before heading to the cinema again..

I was too lazy to wear make-up, so excuse me!
tapi muka macam nih, ada gak laki and tomboy nak usha ok?
hahaha.. :P

partners in crime, my sisters!
left to right, Intan, Kak Ijah and Wahida..

after the movie ended..

people leaving the cinema..
ramai kan?

we went to my cousins house, met our niece, Quratul Ain..
ain't she adorable?..

comel kan?
macam mak teh dia!!

a picture after just waking up from a nap..
ngantuk gila..

we left afterwards and got home at 5.15pm..
that's all people!
got to go to the library tomorrow to work on my assignment..
shining star~~


intan said...

dak....lagu mak ngah dia lorh...

Just_najmiE said...


cetttt, sebok nk enterframe.. wekkk!! comel cam mak teh dia la..


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