Sunday, July 19, 2009


Mood : Bored.. DUH!

I'm currently in my mum's office at COB..
no class until 5 pm to 6.30pm, MIS at BK5..
so effin bored man!
I wanna go eat, tp malas..
saw Affendy again today, twice!
he was wearing stripes and looking fine as ever..
tapi segan nak tegur..
never mind, later ja la..

I walked a lot today, sampai kaki melecet..
from Colgis building to Convention Hall at Bank Islam, to HEP to HEA to DKG3/2 to Computer Center to Library and now at my mum's office in COB..
fuhhh, penattttttt~~~
things I have accomplished are...

1) my application form to stay outside of hostel is being processed..
2 ) my learn care system in UUM portal is being processed..
3) my matrix card can now be used to enter the library and borrow books..
4) and I got a good burning of calories! haha!

I'm thinking of going to eat in a few minutes, before going to Convention Hall to get the application form and hand it over to HEP for further assessment..
so hungry..
then Imma walk around some more while waiting for 5pm..
tomorrow cuti weih!
shining star~~


Wahida K said...

now u don't have to worry about anything since the card is working...

huh....penat sangatkah....teringin nak jadi pelajar U......


MISZ NaNa said...

wow! a good excercise 4 u XD

Just_najmiE said...


you're still young.. live life as it is at your age.. your time to be a Uni student will come, Insyaallah.. but you have to study and work hard for it ok?.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha! yeah, really2 good.. tak payah pegi gym dh.. hehehe..


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