Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Very Expensive Wish List.. (^^,)

Mood : I'm begging you!

today is my 4th day of fasting..
I only ate cereals for my Sahur this morning, I hope I won't get tired easily..
4 more days to go and I'm home free!
can't wait to go to the gym again coz I miss it badly..

back to the topic at hand..
these are my current materialistic wants that I doubt will ever be fulfilled by me nor anyone in the near future..
well, except for the first item..
it's not that expensive..
but I had to blog about it anyway, coz when I have the money, I'll definitely buy them!

first item on the list is..........

a 250GB portable hard disk..

it doesn't really have to be Vaio, gila mahal kot!
this is soon to be mine in the near future once I get my money from the company I worked part time with 2 months ago..
cheque estimated to receive in three days time..
my budget is RM 150 but I've been surveying around, and the price range is between RM 180 - RM 250..
anyone wanna donate some money?..
it's for a good cause, ME!

second item on the list is.....

Sony Ericsson W595a

I am so in love with this phone!..
of course it's a bit out dated, but the functions are so perfect for me..
the price is around RM 800++
quite expensive but I'm gonna buy it when I have the money..
I'll probably be able to purchase this particular item after I get married..
maybe the price has gone down by then..
hubby sayang, tolong belikan dan buatkan sebagai hantaran!..

the third and last item on my wish list is.....

a Nikon D90..

since I love to take pictures so much, I might as well have a high quality camera..
this is by far the most expensive item on my list..
market price, RM 4000++
mahal kan?.. (>_<) the outcome of the photos would be so brilliant and sharp and awesome.. but this has to wait a long time before I can get my hands on it, my friend..
no money in meh pockets......
probably will be able to buy it once I find a job that pays a lot..
estimated age when I'll be able to buy this :- 28..
wahhh, so far awayyyyyyyy~~~

well there you have it,
the wish list of a girl without money..
at least I'm being realistic, right?..
hey, a girl can dream!
shining star~~


Azie Nazri said...



nihin iz said...

btw i bought a ext harddisk couple weeks ago with 240gb for RM 186 and its pink (iguess that is the main reason i bought that. lol)

well why everyone were craving for nikon cos my sister like been crazy to have nikon too! may be korang love photography kot kan.. :D

Just_najmiE said...

azie nazri..

u and me both girl!.. hohoho.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


uwaaaa!!.. beli kat mana ext hard disk tu?.. me want one me want one!! kyuuuu~~

nihin iz said...

at CS Sg Petani. I from SP then.. ahahah..

so, u like pink too? i could see that from ur profice pic, blog color.. lol

tapi sbnarnya lady tu ckp it is maroon but its kinda look lke pink to me.. jenama dia banana.. LOL.. yes it is banana.. okay saya rasa nak gelak je bila ckp jenama dia banana.. ok whatever..

Just_najmiE said...

ufufufu~~ SP?.. cam jauh la plak.. hahaha.. nnt I'll find some at a PC Fair la.. harap2 murah..

erm, not really a pink lover like u though.. I like purple and blue and black.. huhuhu.. I chose this layout coz I like the flowers.. hehehe..

banana?.. hahaha! (^^,)

A'a said...

niceee haha! i want a d90 too! but im still short of 700bucks HAHA! tsk, tsk.

Just_najmiE said...


I have to wait when I actually work.. kekeke.. at least u have the remaining rm3300.. I have nothing.. hohoho..


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