Sunday, July 5, 2009

I kicked a TREE.. and it died..

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I went gardening today, around 3.30pm..

not in front of my house, but at the 'kebun' not far from my home..

it wasn't the usual gardening, it was extreme gardening..

the place was quite spacious, and FULL of weeds..

and the task was.........

to clear the weeds and dead leaves

and the workers without pay for the day are.....

Najmie & Intan!!!


you will be tormented for the day..

wuhoooo, isn't it exciting?..


we busted our cute asses clearing the place from dead leaves and weeds..

clearing a path from the front to the back..

and it wasn't a small place, it was huge!!..

(over exaggeration.. :D :D)

my tool for the day was a pitchfork, I think..

wait, no..

it was an iron rake..

kinda like the rake used to gather dead leaves but sharper and is made of iron..

kinda like a pitchfork..

wait, is it?..

confusing much?..


so there I was, raking the dead leaves and such..

with every pull, the rake kept getting entangled in the vines..

it was so damn frustrating!

I kept cursing to myself, swine betol la!

swine swine swine!!!

get it?..


my hands started to get blisters and became red from all the raking..

perspiration was not the only thing I lost today..

I also lost some skin too..

got splinters loh..


around 5.15, my sis and I couldn't take it anymore and asked our cousin if we could go home..

she was reluctant at first but seeing our tired faces, she agreed..

before we left, she wanted to get some fruits from the 'Dukong' tree..

she jumped up and down but called me several seconds later..

"Kerun, tolong ambek jap buah, kak long tak cukup ketinggian.." she said with a grin on her face..

I grinned back and nodded, making my way to her..

after we got the fruits we wanted, I noticed that the side of the tree was infested with termites..

I told my cousin about it and she chopped the branch off..

it was halfway sliced and she told me to kick it loose..

in lack of training, I gave the tree branch several kicks and with a loud "Yah!!", the branch gave way and collapsed onto the dirt below..

"brutal la kerun nih.." Intan said from behind me..

I gave a smirk..

around 5.30 pm, we piled the Dukong fruits in the car and drove home..

my body that was sore from the game of Badminton a few days back is now added with new pains and sores..

can't wait to go to sleep..

I hope the pain would be gone by next morning..

oh, tomorrow I will be fasting with my mum and my sis, Kak Ijah..

got to pay off some debts..

have you settled yours?..









shining star~~


ichiban | いちばん said...

OMG.. u r the KILLER.. hahaha =P
ala nnti tanam balik la.. haha

Just_najmiE said...


muahahahaha!!.. dh reput dh pon dahan tu kena mkn dek anai2.. hehehe..

feshnie said...

Kak Intaaaaaaannn!!!!!
I haven't talked to her in ages!
I miss home~!!!

Silverleaf said...

I kicked a TREE.. and it died..

a powerful kick from a black belt owner....


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