Friday, July 10, 2009

get off me..

Mood : somber..

men are complicated..

I don't understand why some guys do what they do..

and sometimes, secrets must remain the way they are, a secret..

you can always share your thoughts and opinions with others, but secrets?..

choose wisely who you tell them to,

or you might end up losing a friend or two..

and being truthful..

how far will you go to tell the truth about your past?

what are you willing to sacrifice for telling the truth about the bad side, the evil side of you?..

a friendship?

a relationship?

a lover?

some secrets and truths should remain a secret..

the past should be forgotten..

my heart is currently closed for the moment..

love hurts, and my heart is in need of healing..

sometimes I wonder why I always meet the wrong people in my life..

but I know, everything happens for a reason..

somehow I can't stop to wonder,

when will HE come into my life,

the one for me?..








shining star~~


kerol said...

who is the guy??i don't undrstand...

Just_najmiE said...



Kotak Hati said...

man is not complicated as u think la najmie...
it juz u need time to understood them..
both genders are different..
n da differences make life more interesting rite?? hu3

Just_najmiE said...

kotak hati..

nope, men are just complicated..
klau asyik disakiti, apa yg interesting sgt kan?..

Amir Hamzah said...

u just haven't met the right person. life's a journey. just take it step by step. there's no need to rush these things. :D when it happens, it'll catch u offguard and ur gonna love it, even tho there's not guarantee that it'll last but still, its not just about having a relationship. it's about having a meaningful one.

cheer up okay? :D:D:D:D:D like these smilies :D:D:D:D

Just_najmiE said...

Amir Hamzah..

thanks.. :) I guess u're right, but it's just frustrating meeting people who are not for me.. the emotional roller coaster and whatnot.. hurm..

thanks anyway for trying to cheer me up.. means a lot to me.. (^^,)

MISZ NaNa said...

someday u will meet him. just be patient. use this time to understand men well.

p/s: i still havent meet my perfect guy? i wonder where he is hiding now?

Just_najmiE said...


I hope I meet him before turning 23.. hohoho.. men is too complicated sometimes.. will see what I can do..

mine is hiding too.. maybe they're hiding together?.. haha..

A'a said...

i have to agree with amir here. heheh. well my advice, stop chasing love, let it chase you for once in a while. alaaa kite muda lagi beb. enjoy dulu. ;) look at me, ive been single for a year now and im loving every moment. :D:D:D hahaha y'know, sometimes we have to go through a number of bad relationships to get the good one. so, just sabar okay. :) your prince charming will eind you sooner or later hehe

ps: amir, GENTING!

Just_najmiE said...


let love chase me?.. miahahaha, will do babe!.. yeah, we're still young.. so for now, live life to the fullest right?.. thanks babe.. I hope my prince charming shows up before I turn 23.. hoho..

ps: yeah amir, GENTING! XD

messyremo said...

ye ke men complicated?

aku tak pun..hehe

Just_najmiE said...


complicated la jgk.. hohoho..


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