Friday, July 17, 2009

the Geeky me..

Mood : nerdy n geeky..

It’s 8.35pm, and I’m currently at CeDi building near Bank Islam in UUM..

My mum is talking on the phone with my cousin..

We’re waiting for her SIFE students to come back from dinner..

I’m so hungry..

Wish I ate what I cooked a few minutes ago before coming here..

I'm so regretting it..


The current problem at hand for me at this moment is filing in the online PTPTN application form..

I’m just so lazy to do it..


Imma go do it tonight, while waiting for my mum to finish her work..

Btw, I’m only accompanying her..

I play no significant role whatsoever..

Next on the list of things to blog about is…..

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince had just been released..

Can’t wait to go and catch that movie..

But I’m currently tied up at the moment..

I already have two group assignments which I haven’t touched at all and to top it all off, I don’t even know who my group mates are for one of my assignment in TITAS..

I’m so screwed..


I think I’ll do the assignment by myself first and when I finally find them, I'll just tell them I already did it..

kinda like what I always did in the past..

whatever meh..

my phone is currently all quiet..

no one is text-ing or calling me anymore..

I feel so helpless and bored..

anyone want my number?..










shining star~~


MISZ NaNa said...

:D i hate assignments esp titas. i have done it last sem. giler bengang dgn some of groupmate yg buat tak tau je.

are u really giving ur num? XD then give it to me. haha~

Just_najmiE said...


muahahaha.. I haven't started on my assignments yet.. so very the malas.. lalala~~

my num?.. add me on my ym n I'll give it to u.. (^^,) my ym address is on my profile..

feshnie said...

I...have your number already.
Hua...I also have assignments and they're all individual. I blogged about one huaha.
You'll get used to the facilities soon. At least you're staying at home.
...and how come you don't know your own group yet?

Just_najmiE said...


of course u have my number, u just don't call me anymore.. ufufufu~~

I entered the class on the third week, and people already got their group.. aiyahh, so hard to explain! ufufufu~~

Wahida K said...

i don't have your number yet...

Just_najmiE said...


it's ok. u can have my number when u have ur own handphone!.. (^^,)


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