Friday, July 24, 2009

1st Taekwondo class..

Mood : sore..

halo and hyep!!
the title of my post explains the reason all by itself..
last night was my first official Taekwondo class, and honestly, it was AWESOME!!
I so miss it..
6 years I left the sport, since I was in form 4..
lama kan?..
I was a bit rusty, but the coach said I was fighter material..

so the night started with me picking up Daphnee and going to the library's foyer..
I asked her if she wanted to join and she was thrilled!
there was me, Daph and Kak Ijah..
when we got there, there were already people wearing Taekwondo uniforms loitering around and talking to each other..
the coach wasn't there yet, I soon found out..
I was anxious, wanting to start kicking again, and also find a bathroom to change from t-shirts to uniform..
I was half naked anyway..
opsss, too much information!

no lah, I was only wearing my Taekwondo pants so I had to change my upper half..
honestly, what were you guys thinking??!!
Daph was so excited to learn Taekwondo, and honestly, for a beginner, she was quite good..
thumbs up for Daph!
the people there were ecstatic to have a foreigner in the class..
even the coach was trying to communicate in English but was having difficulty..
everyone wanted to talk to Daph, but were hit with the communication barrier..
except me, of course!
miahahaha, prasan siot.. :p

there was this Chinese guy who kept wanting to be in same line as me and Daph..
I guess he finds it fascinating that I can talk and communicate with a foreigner in English fluently..
I mean, there's only a handful of Malays that can do that, right?..
and those are rare to come by..
miahahahaha, again, prasan lagi! :p
but I did see the way people look at me when I talk English with Daph..
kinda like a crossover between awe and jealousy..
whatever lah!

here are some evidence of the crime I committed last night..
I was busted for it..
and the crime was..

having too much fun!!

photos credited to Kak Ijah..
it sucks though..

before changing into uniform..
Daph likes Sudoku too!

tying my black belt..
tetiba nampak slim kan?
and Daph said I looked cute..
cute kah?

me introducing myself..

stretching with Daph..
to loosen our muscles before kicking other peoples butt!!

pad kicking..
the guy holding the pad is the Chinese guy I told you people about..

the coach likes her though, trying really hard to talk to her in English..
kudos for the coach!!

me working part time as the translator for Daph..
I should get paid huh?

butt shaking..
so not!..
this is us down winding before ending the class..

me kicking this yellow thingy..
I stepped on some guy's toes..
too bad for the guy!..

before going back to the car..
cam-whoring weih!!

the coach said I was fighter material and with a few more polishing, I might be able to represent UUM in an upcoming tournament in UIA somewhere next month before Ramadhan..
I'm so excited!
but the only thing I need to work on fast is the twist..
when I kick, I forget to twist my other leg, to make my kicks stronger and make my stand firmer on the ground..
oh, did I tell you?

I FELL DOWN on my back and butt last night..
I saw the ceiling weih!
gila malu..
dah la budak-budak silat tengah practice kat foyer tu jugak..
muka aku tebal, kau tahu?
but I moved on and lived la..

there's another class tomorrow night at the same place and same time..
anyone coming?..
shining star~~


Judiene said...

i pn pnh join taekwondo dlu
tp stakat yellow belt je
pastu dah malas dah

Just_najmiE said...


laaa, why stop?.. best la taekwondo! leh sepak2 org tanpa dimarah.. hahahaha!!

Daphnee said...

It's a privilege to talk to me right?
This was actually fun... normal, it's korean :)

You WERE cute, really, even your loud screams were cute ;) Just kidding

My legs hurt so much today but i went swimming anyway

It's my first visit to your blog by my self and it's fun, well, you're fun !!

Bye fighting girl

Just_najmiE said...


miahahahaha!! u found my blog! congrats!! (^^,)

I love to scream, I told u that right? ehehe.. thanks for dropping by girl, you are fun too!


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