Thursday, July 30, 2009

a tag I stole

Mood : =3

this tag was not for me, but I liked the thought of doing it that I stole it from [here]..
since it is about me, so I used my own picture..


You are?
Khairun Najmi binti Kamisan
(sadly, it's my new nickname here in UUM.. (=_='') )

Your age?
21 years and a few months old..

Your weight?
58 kg.. hohoho, gila slumber kan?
tulang ja yg berat sebenarnya..

Your height?
164 cm..

Your hair colour?

Your eye colour?
Dark brown, but sometimes they turn light brown..

Your favourite colour?
blue, black, purple and sometimes pink..

Your choice of food?
anything tasty, coz I'm not a picky person.. (^^,)

Your choice of beverages?
ice milo, ice tea, etc..

What was the best meal you cooked?
hurm.. I'm gonna have to say, ayam masak merah.. sedap wieh, seriously..

The worst?
erm, nothing in particular..

Your Mum..
is the awesomest person alive!

Your Dad..
is sadly deceased..

Your handphone?
newly purchased Sony Ericcson W395..

How many have you owned? List them down.
5. Nokia 3310, Motorola L6, Nokia 6650, SE W350i and the one above..

Your laptop?
Compaq Presario..
needs to be formatted though..
breeding ground for viruses..

Your watch?
I don't wear one..

Your best result in school?
school?.. does college count?.. CGPA 3.84, scoring 4.00 in my 4th semester..

Your best friend?
best friends?.. Nadia, Miera, Kerol and a few others..
mostly they're just friends..

Your best online friend?
Kerol and Trisya

Your first date?
first date?.. hahahaha!! it was a long time ago weih..

Your current girl/guy?
currently single.. (^^,)

How many girls/guys have you had?

Your reason to be left/to leave?
conflict of interest..

Branded stuff to you is..
bullshit.. why pay for more when you can have the same things for less?

The best outfit you have?
anything stylish and inexpensive..

The worst outfit you own?
erm, gonna have to get back to you on that..

Your enemy?
none at the moment..

Your secret admirer?
erm, I know of two..
wait, if I know, that means it's not secret anymore lah kan??

Your favourite subject in school?
I get A in every quiz and test..

You are talented in?
anything or nothing.. :p

Describe yourself in a word.
kan kan kan?


anyone interested in taking and doing this tag?
shining star~~


miss oren said...

btul ke ur height 164 cm?jeles ni..mine 156 je

Just_najmiE said...

miss oren..

a'ah, jln ngan kengkawan terasa tinggi ja.. hehehe.. gayut kat pokok ek, mana tau leh tmbah ketinggian.. hehehe.. :p

messyremo said...

awesome? barney dalam citer how i met ur mother jer..hehe

nasib perngai tak macam die~~

feshnie said...

I bet you enjoy doing memes like these. Ones that focus on yourself.
Self-obsessed lol.

Just_najmiE said...


how I met ur mother?.. apakah itu?.. hahahaha, jakun sebentar!

Just_najmiE said...


what's memes?.. tags issit?.. err, not really, I like doing all sorts of tags.. but just the fun ones la.. hohoho..

there's nothing wrong with being self-obsessed! it's better than being obsessed with someone else right?.. :p

Eazy Izzuddin said...

joms layans tag...

Just_najmiE said...

Eazy Izzuddin..

jom2.. hahahaha.. :D :D

GreenKhadijah said...

macam2 najmie ni...:D

Just_najmiE said...

kan kan kan??

I'm very colourful and AWESOME.. hahahaha! (^^,)

Firol said...

awesome dude..
58 ringan je........

Just_najmiE said...

wahhhhhh, ringan ek.. hehehe..

Wahida K said...

kak kerun selalu dapat tag yang elok elok......nak 1 gak..... huhuhuhuhuhuhu.......

Just_najmiE said...


klau nk tag nih, ambek laaaaa... huhuhu..


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