Sunday, July 26, 2009

tell me, is it true?..

Mood : self conflicted..

I have to ask you guys a question..

a guy and a girl..
a boy and a girl..
a man and a woman..

is it true that they can never be friends without having feelings for each other?..
please tell me..

is it true?

shining star~~


Silverleaf said...

if u ask about feeling....hmmm maybe the answer is yes....well I'm not talking about love the romantic way but there is love.....even as friend there will be love.....and its nothing wrong with is a wonderful feeling.....

Just_najmiE said...


I currently despise the word love.. it brought no good to me, hurting me and whatnot.. I hate the word love.. I lose friends because of love.. they don't want to be my friends because they love me.. hah!

I hate love..

sHaH said...

yes, without feeling no man or boy and no woman and girl could be together.


define feeling dear...

p/s: tetiba rasa segan nak g taekwondo class coz u dah ada black belt. huhuhuhu... tonite i'm not going, kene g konsert diraja and its compulsory. WTF!!!

Just_najmiE said...


feelings such as like, love, lust.. can't a guy and a girl be friends without like or loving the other more than just a friend?..

lohhh, pegi ja la weih, seriously best!.. I'm gonna be alone tonight.. Daphnee pun pegi concert tu.. so you'll come next week on Thursday?

Max J. Potter said...

i think they can. like, why not?

thanks for following my blog.

yeah. back to the question. why can't they?

Just_najmiE said...


but what if the girl only wants to be friends with the guy?..

no prob!.. (^^,)

sHaH said...

takde taekwondo class..

Just_najmiE said...


miahahahaha, tau takpa!! XD XD


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