Thursday, July 23, 2009

silent readers

Mood : togetherness~~

I have class from 2pm till 6.30 pm today..
my head will self com bust and become popcorn and everyone will eat my popcorn brain..
oh the joy.. (-_-''

well whatever!
there's gonna be a Taekwondo fighter class tonight at 8.30pm somewhere at the library's foyer of UUM..
I'm thinking of going, to vent out some frustrations..
ada yang nak datang dan jadi aku punya punching bag tak?..
anyone? anyone?

it has come to my attention that my counters are getting higher but my comments have gotten lower..
that only means two things..

1) my followers read my post but is too effin' lazy to comment..


2) my number of silent readers have increased!!

ooo emmm geeee!!
is it true???

if you are a reader of this blog but is not a follower, please stand up and dance the chicken dance..
just messing with ya..
I actually know for a fact that a few of my friends back in college read my blog occasionally, and also some of my juniors and lecturers..
my ex-office mates also reads this blog, and from what I heard, quite frequently..
but they never comment..
anyone else?

can my silent readers please comment on this post..
don't worry, you won't loose any fingers while typing on the keyboard!
please and thank you!
shining star~~


Igniz said...

maybe bukan sebab diorg taknak komen..maybe because since u always update too soon, so they can't get enough time to read your posts..tinggal kejap je, dah ada post baru..that is not wrong, it's good actually. tapi normally tak semua olang sudi or sempat baca every post yg kita tulis..diolang baca yg latest ada gak yg baik hati yg baca semua:)

maybe u should put a gap between each update so that the readers ada time nak baca and komen? tak pun buat rules, sapa tak komen kene bunuh, or buat chicken dance or whatever as denda.;)

ha, panjang komen ni. heheh.

feshnie said...

Not everyone has the time.
Atleast they're reading.

intan said...

i haven't got the time to comments....but look at the bright side...we "silent readers" did read your post!

Judiene said...

i agree with igniz
mybe u shud off ur blog for 48 hours after posting ur latest entry

Just_najmiE said...

uwaaaa, tetiba ramai lak kat sini.. hahahaha!!


I'll give it some thoughts.. tp agak susah la, sbb dah jadi kebiasaan to update daily.. thanks for da insight!.. sila lah komen selalu.. ehehehe.. :p

sHaH said...

sis.. ari sabtu ni ada latihan taekwondo kan? kul 8.30?
baju macam mana ek?
btw, we are having the same problem.
skrg ni kwn2 suma da busy ngan asgment.
so masa nak jenguk blog kwn2 yg lain kurang.
i always update mine tapi nak jenguk blog org lain payah sket.
lagi2 dengan line celcom broadband yg makin ari makin teruk.
sabar je la..

watever it is..
dun wori coz i wud still be here reading ur blog k?
cheer up!!!

Green Khadijah... said...

don't worry...i'll always read your blog as a silent reader...
if ever i want to say smthing i'll let u know...hihihihi
:) Smile Always

Just_najmiE said...


there's nothing wrong with being self obsessed.. lalalala~~

Just_najmiE said...


ufufufufu~~ comment laaaaaaa.. I want comment!!

Just_najmiE said...


will give it some thoughts.. thanks bro for commenting!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


yep, ari sabtu nih ada latihan gak kul 8.30mlm kat foyer library.. dtg la!.. klau takdak uniform, can wear baju sukan ja..

hehehe.. and thanks for reading my blog!.. don't forget to comment often ya?.. lalalala~~

Just_najmiE said...

kak ijah..

aiyohh, u also read my blog, u just don't comment meh.. huhuhuhu~~


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