Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm so Awesome!

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this is a tag made by yours truly..

it is an original, but if you happen to notice any similarities to another tag somewhere in the world wide web, feel free to tell me.. (^^,)

1. who is the awesome person who tagged you? (don't forget to link)

- well, since I made it, I'm so awesome!.. hahaha..

2. tell us something about you..

- my name is Khairun Najmi binti Kamisan.. male-ish isn't it?..

I've met quite a few people named Najmi, but they're all guys.. hahaha..

I'm 21 years old and waiting to further my studies in Degree..

I currently have a Diploma in Entrepreneurship from Mara Professional College, Malacca, graduating in October this year..

I'm super cool and super nice and super talkative.. lalala~~

3. what is your reason to blog?

- I want to improve my English and also to store memories of my life as it moves.. so that when I'm older and married, I can look back in my life and see the colours of my past.. and my children will see their super cute(perasan much?) mom when she was younger.. I bet it'll be fun! (^^,)

4. list and link 5 favourite post from your blog..

i) a post of my sisters and I dancing to Marry You during my eldest sisters wedding last year.. we had loads of fun! [click here]

ii) my hangout time in Malacca in May with my ex-MPP friends.. it was so fun!.. mind you, I'm chubby here.. no laughing, I'm serious! hohoho~~ [click here]

iii) my lunch date with the MPP of 07/08 plus the advisors.. I ate a LOT that day.. plus we got money.. wuhoo!!.. [click here]

iv) my memories while in Genting Highlands with my sis, Kak Ijah, her husband, abg Hafiz and his sister, Sakinah.. it was awesome as hell!.. sure I spent a lot of money, but it was worth every penny.. those memories were priceless.. (^^,) [click here]

v) a list of my past achievements.. things I'm proud of.. (^^,) [click here]

5. tag 5 awesome people and inform them that they have been tagged by you..

- well, since it's my tag, I wanna tag EVERYONE!

- my awesome followers!

- and my silent readers..

post this entry with the title

'I'm so Awesome!'


'My Blog is So COOL!'








shining star~~


nihin iz said...



Just_najmiE said...


thanks for completing my tag!.. you're the greatest!(^^,)

[ N ] ZuLaiNa said...

akak dah siap tagged ni~silalah kumen!hehehe...

Just_najmiE said...

kak zue..

uwaaa, trima kasih kak!.. (^^,)

ichiban | いちばん said...

i'm done wif ur tagged... sorry for the late reply.. network not so gud tis few days.. huhuhuh

Just_najmiE said...

awesome!.. I'll check it out.. (^^,)

EIPUL said...

da ciap. nak tgk g ar bukak my blog. LOL. thanx for tagging. =)

Just_najmiE said...

okiess eipul..
thanks for completing it.. (^^,)

patenten said...

ahhh! jessica! paten suka gilaaa kat dia


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