Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Mood : plestered..

hey did you guys notice that I don't post mood pictures anymore?
my sister, Kak Ijah has been pestering me to update my blog and put the pictures from today..
she took the pictures and wanted me to credit her..

take note, these pictures were not edited in anyway coz I'm updating from my sisters' laptop that does not have Photoshop..

something something..

a very small mouse for a very big hand..

after registering as a member of UUM WTF Taekwondo Club..
peace on earth!

a rainy day..
what do you think of my outfit?

paying for groceries..
the girl thought I was from overseas coz I was talking in English with my sister..
that's a first!

when I got home, and eating lunch, I told my mum that I joined the squash club..
she said I'd be hanging out with Chinese people a lot and that if I was a person who does not wear tudung, people would mistake me for a Chinese too!
what do you guys think?
do I look Chinese-ish?
shining star~~

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