Tuesday, July 14, 2009

End of Orientation.. I'm BACK!!!

Mood : sleepy..


I'm back home now..

home sweet home!


the night spent in DPP SME Bank wasn't all that bad..

the facility was still new and all so the toilet and stuff was still in good shape..

I slept well last night, but I was alone..

I didn't have a roommate..


nothing bothered me though, thank god!

I woke up around 6.15am and got ready for a day of orientation..

it was boring all in all, but I was my loud self..


well, I went to the cafe in DPP Bank Rakyat before returning home..

I had chicken chop..

my friend with me, Naz said the guy at the stall was an actor..

he was cute but not really my type..

being the friendly me, I asked him what drama he acted..

Bionic Man, so I was told..

I've never watched that drama so I really don't know him..

but from what I've gathered, he was the lead actor..

he was nice and friendly, a bit flirty too..


well, what do you expect from a celebrity..

the western stall was his family's 5th branch and he was appointed to look after it..

he's not scheduled to have a shooting within 2 months so he'll be there..

and business is blooming for him..

and in case some of you were wondering, NO..

I did NOT get his phone number, but he was kinda wanting mine, which I didn't give..


well, I think that's all for tonight..

I wanna iron clothes for tomorrows class and put stuff in my bag..

my class starts at 8am and I don't even know where it'll be held..

gotta go early to find the place..

my class for tomorrow is from 8-9.30am and 11 - 12.30pm..

during the gap, me and me friend are going to the office to settle the credit transfer..

I could probably cut 1 year from my studies, probably graduating in 3 years time..


and in the afternoon we'll go to the clinic and do the medical check-up and whatnot..

a long day ahead I tell you..









shining star~~


sHaH said...

eh biar btol..
mamat bionic tu ada kat uum..

Just_najmiE said...


yep, better believe it.. dia ada kat DPP Bank Rakyat, kat cafe.. western food.. pegi la sana, ambek autograph.. hahaha..

feshnie said...

Ah, must be a nice experiance. Not everyday you get to find local actors in the north part of this country.
Good luck with class tomorrow.
Don't get lost, ok?

Just_najmiE said...


nice?.. well, I dunno coz I don't really know him and I've never watched his acting..

class was ok, but I did get lost once or twice.. but noting can't be fixed by asking.. hehehe.. thanks!

Kotak Hati said...

atleast u got a chance to meet da celebrity..
gud luck wif ur new semester..ngee~

MISZ NaNa said...

lead actor of bio-nik? seriously? kirimkan salam saya pada dia. -_-

Just_najmiE said...

kotak hati..

alah, I don't know him so I didn't really care much.. lain la klau jumpa Farid Kamel or Erry Putra or whoever.. ufufufu~~

thanks man! (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

Misz NaNa..

yep, dia la kot.. tak tinggi sgt, rmbut ala2 ultraman, kulit koko cerah, ada janggut and misai sket, suka senyum,comel la jgk.. hehehe..

kirim salam?.. alah, hrap maaf, sy tak tinggal kat DPP Bank Rakyat tuh lg.. hhehehe..


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