Friday, May 28, 2010

AisumiStyle Giveaway Contest

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I knew about this blog shop from a friend of mine, which is Aisumi STYLE and it's pretty awesome! this blog shop offers some really great items for sale, for a reasonable price too.. so do check the blog shop out.. but if you're feeling a bit lazy to click the link (haiya,you're gonna get a fat ass if you keep this up), you can check out some of my favourite items from the shop..

this fantastic looking dress only costs RM 35.. you can wear it as it is or put on an inner and a pair of jeans and walk out the door.. it's a real steal, so steal it!.. take it away from Aisumi Chan by buying it from her for only RM35!..

this item is really great, only RM40 and from stretchable fabric.. you wearing 'tudung'?.. no problem!.. wear a white inner with this gorgeous dress and a pair of black pants, and you're good to go, hanging out with your girls at the shopping mall or out for a date with Mr boyfriend! really nice to have.. (^^,)

and hey hey, if you got a Mr boyfriend, then you should check out the sweet couple tees from the blogshop.. here's some of my favourites!
aren't they just gorgeous?.. arghh, too bad I don't have a Mr, if not these would be awesome!.. the price is very reasonable, only RM40 for the pair of tees.. that's a steal right there, so cheap!.. people should order this for your Mr and you.. I know I would.. (^^,)

and if dresses and couple tees don't get you excited, check out the shoes!.. here's two of the shoes that I like..
gorgeous I tell you!.. but really, for me, the price is quite expensive, you know, being a student without income and all.. but if you like it, do buy!

now, why am I joining and promoting Aisumi STYLE? it's because I'm helping out a friend by joining her contest.. it's never wrong to help your friend to achieve success, and I'm honestly happy if she succeeds.. plus, I'm also joining this contest to make other people out there aware of great blog shops like hers..most people want great items for a cheaper price, so I'm recommending Aisumi STYLE.. plus, I also kinda want to win this ----->

smart, ain't it?.. I like it, and I know of a few styles that I can pull off with this gorgeous piece, especially for ladies who wears tudung.. hehehe.. if I win this jumper pants, I'll share with you guys okay?.. (^^,)

so hurry up, go to her blog and check out her awesomely attractive yet reasonable priced items up for grabs!


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