Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2 hot guys and a horse, what do you get?

Mood : groggy

assalamualaikum and good day everyone.. there's this thing that's bothering my tummy when I woke up this morning.. I tried to figure out what it was while brushing my teeth in front of the sink, when it hit me like a brick, I haven't had breakfast yet, no wonder!.. pftt, lame?.. maybe.. so for lunch today, I'm gonna cook me some ayam percik, nyum nyum!

anyway, I celebrated my liberation from final exams yesterday.. it's the end of 2nd semester in UUM, finally! and how did I celebrate?.. by horse riding ftw! wohoo!~~ =DD
okay, that's definitely not me, too sexayyy to be true.. hoho.. courtesy of mr Google..

after about a month and a half being a no horse rider due to studies and exams, I finally got back on my oh-so-nice-and-only-girl-horse-in-the-stable, Martina!.. we went out riding around UUM campus, and believe it or not, it was my FIRST time going for outride!.. I went with two hot guys, ehem, ladies please be jealous.. hehehe.. one is my training instructor, abg Wan and the other is the hot UUM football player who also works at the equine center, Mad.. and between you and me, he got some awesome abs ftw! accidentally saw him with no shirt when I went to the Equine center once, not my fault.. guys sometimes like to walk around shirtless, you can't blame me for accidentally seeing that.. *drool* chocolates on the tummy, me likey! bahahaha! =DD

meet abg wan, my instructor.. ain't he hot?..
and Mad.. ignore me, I was fat at this time.. (-__-;;

anyway, the out ride was awesome! we were from the stable near HEP building, and rode in front of UUM library *lots of people*, FE, PKU, around the stadium, up the main hall dewan MAS, and back to the stable.. I also met some of my friends and they were in awe that I was riding a horse ftw! bahahaha.. bangga siot!.. =P damn, it was so awesome yet scary experience.. Martina was being a tad bit difficult, not obeying my direct instructions telling her to stop trotting when we were near the road.. she almost cantered and I could have fallen off!.. I guess that's what you get when you don't visit your horse for a long time, sorry Martina dear.. (T^T) really thanks to my instructor for guiding me and telling me what I should do.. he's awesome that way, and cute! =D

and cause of this renew obsession, I want to keep riding my horse, which means I have to pay RM150 to continue my lessons.. this little outride was courtesy of abg wan who missed me and asked me to come over and ride.. ain't he sweet?.. =) and due to my lack of money, I'm about to go for a part time job as a research assistant at one of the center in UUM.. I report for work tomorrow morning.. pays RM35 per day, so I can save some money from there to buy myself a white horse ftw!

okay tipu, I can never have enough money to buy my own horse in the near future, maybe after I have a full time job or married a rich guy or something.. bahahaha.. =P the money from my part time work will be collected to continue my horse riding training till I can prove to myself that I can ride better, and canter, and get on the horse without help from chairs or people.. sangat malu okay kalau asyik naik kuda kena pakai kerusi.. pffttt~

okay, gonna go make some mean ayam percik now.. nyum nyum! (^^,)

p/s :- can anyone here tell me how and where I can learn to play guitar that's simple, fast yet effective?.. thanks a million!


lindonut said...

omg i'm so jealous! :DD

najmie said...

hahaha, yes, a jealous person!!.. hahaha.. mission accomplished!.. =P


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