Friday, May 14, 2010

Thomas Cup vs World Cup, which do you like more?

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assalamualaikum, hey ho awesome peeps!.. I bet you guys are following the news of Thomas Cup on TV tonight, so you guys know who is currently in the lead, and who's at the back.. and I'm also sure you guys know which place Malaysia is now at, am I right?.. erm, I would be lying if I said I knew all those stuff, cause I don't.. I didn't even fancy the sport, let alone follow it.. it's not that I'm not being supportive to Malaysia or anything, I know they'll do the best to their abilities, but I'm just not interested.. the guys can play badminton while being naked, I still wouldn't watch.. *okay, maybe I would watch, but not for the sport, LOL* but I do know who won the match between Malaysia and China, which is the latter.. I know this via friends from Facebook, as I'm too lazy to Google about the whole details, nor to actually watch the game.. I bet Malaysia tried their best, but the best wasn't good enough.. don't worry, there is still a next time.. (^^,)

yeah, I don't know who the guy is, I just find his pose full of happiness and accomplishment.. and another sport that is coming up next is the Fifa World Cup 2010, which will be starting in 2 more weeks.. I also have no passion to view this sport, as I know no FC nor favour any, so I decide to not care for the whole sport itself.. hahaha.. my ex-bf is a football player and I have watched him play in some games, but it still doesn't make me love the sport, I just like watching hot and buff guys running around in shorts.. =P

but don't be fooled.. even though I care and know very little about the game, I can still be noisy when I watch a football match, especially when I watch it from the TV.. I get riled up and excited when a team is close to goaling, angry when a referee is being bias, and pissed when the defense is slacking.. I can cuss and use vile words whenever I get upset watching football, and I definitely go crazy when the team I am rooting for scores a goal or two.. so many emotion, it's really insane I tell you!.. =DD that's why I choose to not watch football at all, if not, I'll end up crazy and cursing like there's no tomorrow, excuse my behaviour, this is what you get when most of your friends during schooling years are boys.. =)

so yeah, if you ask me if I'd watch the Fifa World Cup, I'd say no and yes.. no cause I don't have ESPN, yes if I pass by a mamak store or if my guy friends ask me to join them watch football *which I don't think they will*.. so there you go.. the only way I can know about the game is by reading or watching the news, which I don't do very often.. hehehe..

before I end this post, I want to wish all the girlfriends, sisters, mothers and wives a whole lot of luck in overcoming the football season.. it's going to be tough with the person you love ignoring you during football matches, but please know that they will love you forever and ever if you don't bother them when they are in front of the TV.. they can and will find it annoying if you bother them, so try not to do that okay?.. let them have some space with their guy friends, hanging out watching football together, they need their guy time.. hey, football is a better rival instead of another woman, so be thankful! good luck girls!

now a question to all the die hard fans of football and World Cup, which team do you support and why?.. I just want to see which team has the most support.. (^^,)


Fay Nana said...

I'm also not a sport fan so i cannot choose either two. But i do watch Fifa world cup when I'm in form two because all of my friends watch it so i have to watch it too to catch up with them. Peer pressure do influence ur life. =D

But now, i don't know if i will watch world cup or not, i don't know which team will take part.....but i do hope asian team will win like Korea/Japan. Err maybe I'm biased cause i like Kpop/Jpop a lot. :P

diAnNe_LuRvInNe said...

hye there!yeah..thomas cup for sure..btw, nice blog, i follow ur blog ok..=)

Aidi-Safuan said...

world cup la best! bole berjudi sampai abes duit1 :P

Just_najmiE said...

fay nana..

hahaha, yeah, they do influence ur life, so i understand.. =D cettt, bias rupanya!.. hahaha.. i really don't favour any team, whoever wins is fine by me.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


hehe, thanks!

Just_najmiE said...


tu ja dia pikir, haishhh..


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