Sunday, May 23, 2010

contest results from Diva Darling is out! I won!

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Assalamualaikum, good evening awesome peeps!.. I went to the swimming pool with my mum after work to vent of some kilos and frustrations.. it was my mums first time in the swimming pool, and it was fun to watch her squirm and try to learn to swim.. hahaha, sorry mummy but I know you love it.. and guess what?.. next semester, I'll enroll myself in swimming class, just to really master the art of swimming.. I know I can swim now, but my breathing is off and is not in sync with my movements.. makes me tired really fast.. so I'm saving up RM90 for classes next semester.. hohoho.. plus RM 150 for horse riding classes.. can't wait! wheee!~~ (^^,)

now back to the title of meh post.. yes, I won a contest, the Best Red Contest from Diva Darling~.. the first prize is RM200 cash!.. that's a lot, am I right?.. so I submitted a photo of me with something red and include a caption.. here's my submission for the contest..

red............. ain't it?.. I photoshoped a little to make the red stand out more, you know, to make it a bit more outstanding.. hehehe.. =) so here's proof of my winning the contest at Diva Darling..

ahahaha, gotcha! okay fine, I lied, I didn't win the first prize for this contest.. I didn't win the RM200 cash, but I did win something else, something awesome..

wheee, I'm the runner up! and I get to choose one item from the May collection!.. it's so awesome coz Diva Darlings collection are all to die for!.. they're so gorgeous, all of them!.. but the prices are considered expensive for a student like me, therefore, having the opportunity to own one of the item from Diva Darling is so freaking awesome!! =DD actually I haven't been contacted by the owner yet, but I had the liberty to go through the May collection in my spare time.. hehehe.. so these are some of the items I'm interested in.. aren't they just gorgeous?.. =)

I seriously don't know which one to choose, they are all pretty in their own way.. really nice, me likey! but I also saw some freakishly awesome dresses which I instantly fell in love with, and is now having a really tough time in picking the best one.. really really hard coz they're both pretty awesome!

I really love both of these dresses, can't I have them both, pretty please Diva Darling?.. *sob sob* if I were to get the Executive 2 layers dress with pink bow tie neck which costs RM75(including shipment), I'll have to spend RM74 for the silk pleats executive dress, you know, the money that I don't have due to being an unemployed student sob sob.. but OMGG, I really really want both of these dresses so so much! I want em so baddddd~~ ='((

okay, enough of that.. even though I'm not sure of which to choose from the both of these dresses, I can't really go all weepy on you awesome people.. I really am thankful and grateful to Diva Darling for the item *which ever it is* and the opportunity to join in this contest.. I always check your latest items btw, just to ogle at the really pretty dresses and bags that I could never possess.. but hey, everyone's a dreamer, am I right?.. (^^,)



Hizami Rahim said...

dresses cantik cantik.

Just_najmiE said...

thanks zami.. woah, cepatnya komen.. haha..

Izzlin said...

wOw congratz dear!
akak xpnh menang pun ape2 cabutan b'tuah..GA...or contest (not yet even once) online..or offline...
im so envy u~~ hu3..ha3...ndak la..
tahniah dik!

GreenKhadijah said...

what? no credit for the photographer? hihihi....congratulations on your winning the items...:)

miss hav0c said...

aku kalah ke? aaaaaa takleh terima hahahahaha

ok buat onar pula..cgrats bebeh!

☺[ai][sUmi]☺Chan said...

tahniah sis! baju cantek~

Anonymous said...

u don't know what to choose???

just picked next to the pink bow tie dress

because if you wear the pink bow tie,it will not show because you're wearing tudung....



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