Wednesday, May 5, 2010

do you think guitar chicks are HOT?

Mood : hyep!

assalamualaikum, hey ho awesome peeps!.. guess what, it's raining outside, with thunder!.. the air is finally cool after being HOT this whole day, and I don't just mean hotness from the shirtless football players on the field, nyum nyum.. ehehe.. and fyi, my ayam percik tasted oh so good till you lick the plate ftw.. really, I'm not lying, my sis really did that.. so now I have to do another batch of ayam percik, they're in the oven right now.. hoho.. lots of carbs and proteins today..

so back to my title.. my oh so ever awesome SIFE UUM president is keeping his guitar at my house during this semester break, around 2 months.. and that gives me time to learn a few things about guitars weih!.. ahaha.. gila kentang tul.. so I'm currently just stringing the guitar, not really playing any recognizable tune, but I'll get to a level, eventually.. hehehe..

the question remains, do you think chicks who knows how to play guitar are hot?.. well, from a girls perspective, not really, since we're from the same gender, but I find it uberly cool if a girl knows how to rock with a guitar, especially electric guitars ftw! that's so effin awesome! =D

okay, I don't know her, thanks Mr Google..

if it was me, I'd go with learning the more conventional and simple guitar first, then move on to the goods, electric ftw! wohooo! =D and regarding Malaysian women who can play guitars, I think everyone is well in knowledge of Yuna, whose name rose above with the hit, Dan Sebenarnya.. I have a friend who studied and graduated with Yuna in UiTM, btw.. ahaha, motif aku citer benda nih?.. entah.. =P
Yuna is the same age with me.. hoho..

and not forgetting Zee Avi, made popular through Youtube with her song Kantoi.. it's a very short yet fun song actually even though she mixed the lyrics with Malay and English.. she's also cool and have gotten popular in Malaysia.. she was also one of the performer for Anugerah Industri Musik recently, which I did not watch btw, but was told her performance rocked ass!
Zee Avi.. I don't know much about her..

and I've been surfing Youtube a few days back when I stumbled upon twin sisters, whose name escapes me, from Perlis who sang and played guitar.. what's more awesome is, they're only 17 ftw! how cool is that weih?..the older sister is the singer, but the little sister is the one I'm more amazed with.. she can play guitar, normal AND electric ftw! plus she can also sing, but her voice isn't that good compared to her sister la, who I don't really like cause she sings in this gedik and annoying way.. and she has this very annoying tone in the way she replies peoples comments who said she should try not to be so gedik.. ntah, aku tak brapa suka dia.. but they do ROCK together!

but then, instead of the normal guitar playing, maybe I should play a ukulele, which has been made popular again by Zee Avi from her hit song, Kantoi.. she's so cute.. hehe..

what do you think, are chicks who play guitar HOT according to you?..


lovelylady said...

Cool!!! tringat cite lama akak..those days, i was craving like crazy to learn how to play guitar..but time akak dulu where got lady yg suke nk main guitar & no guy fren yg nk ajar..if not, bet u akak dh jadik cam yuna...ahaksss!!! seriously! They r HOT & awesome!!!

najmie said...

oh really?.. bestnya!.. wah wah, kalau akak blajar main guitar dr dulu mesti dah jadi artis mcm yuna dah skrg nih.. hahaha.. yup, chicks who know how to play guitar are hot and awesome! =D

Merissa K. said...

just choose some easy songs for u to play along to.
for a beginner, i suggest, 'Anyone Else But You' yg dlm Juno tu.
that song only has 2 easy chords.

u tgk chord dia at ultimate-guitar or something and they have diagrams to show u how to ikut the chord.

dalam 2 months, mcm mcm lagu u blh main dah. heheh.

good luck! :D

aidi-safuan said...

haaha..of course la! tapi tak berapa suka la dengan zee avi and yuna nih. yuna tuh actually nama band tau. tau tak? tapi instead, yang famous dalam "yuna" adalah yuna sendiri. ahli band dier sume orang tak kenal. zee avi tuh tak berapa minat dier sebab dot dot dot. rahsia. HAHA

btw, aidi safuan minat orianthi la. she was supposed to be michael jackson's guitarist at his last concert. tapi sebab MJ da mati, sempat tengok kat movie this is it jerla. hehe... try la carik video clip orianthi - according to you. :)

najmie said...

really?.. okay, thanks babe! nnt bila i dah boleh play guitar, i'll do a song.. haha.. =P

najmie said...

eheh, smua org ada pendapat dan minat msg2.. serious yuna tu nama band?.. hohoho, tidak diketahui pulak..alright, nnt I'll look that up eh.. thanks!.. (^^,)


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