Friday, May 14, 2010

Super Junior to the rescue! \(^o^)/

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assalamualaikum, good morning people of Earth.. I started working part time yesterday, as a Research Assistant (RA) for a center in UUM.. the job of going online searching for wanted stuff in an air-conditioned room and the centers HP Pavilion Entertainment PC laptop that twists 360 degrees with touch screen and internet at the tip of my finger that pays RM35 per day, so after this I can have some money that does not belong to my mum to spend.. wheee!~~ but this is not the reason for this post..

maybe you've noticed, I blogged about Super Juniors 4th Album, Bonamana in this post and this post.. at first, it was just to fulfill my needs as a fan girl and an Ever Lasting Friend (E.L.F.) to inform the world about Super Junior and the new album.. plus, I just like to ogle at them delicious boys, and not to mention my favourite fish, DONGHAE!.. =DD but what a surprise I had when I checked my statistics in Nuffnang, my blog traffic TRIPLED! and not just from Malaysia, but also from around the world.. check it out, this is the traffic for yesterday, 13 May 2010..

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people from the states came frequently into my blog, I gues they must really like Super Junior.. I mean, I do get visits from other countries everyday, usually United States, Indonesia, and Singapore, but not really this many.. and I didn't know I'd get this much traffic just from a review of Bonamana.. what?.. you think I'm lying about them coming to my blog coz of Super Junior?.. then take a look at this..

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see, I'm really telling the truth.. plus, the album was released yesterday, 13th May 2010, in CD stores in Korea and also some online shops.. well, I don't have the money to buy the album yet, but I'll find a way to make that album mine.. muahahaha!~~ =P I think they preformed Bonamana on Music Bank for the comeback yesterday, wish I can see it.. (TT_TT) it's really a shame that they only returned with 10 people, like the Malaysian Super Junior Super Show 2 concert in Bukit Jalil last time, only 10 came.. hurmm.. so to all them E.L.F.s out there, let's all support Super Junior! it doesn't matter from which country you are, E.L.F.s must all unite, for them.. even though they are not 13 anymore, we will always support them all the way, even if they split and become solo artists, E.L.F.s will always be there for them.. that is our promise to our oppa's..

Super Junior, Saranghae-yo!!
we E.L.F.s wish the best for you and for the success of the 4th album..
oppa, hwaiting!! \(^o^)/


NiZaM Limited said...

wahh..super junior sure give you lots of traffic. congratz..=)

Just_najmiE said...

thanks!.. (^^,)


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