Friday, May 7, 2010

bundle clothing, what's your view?

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assalamualaikum and good evening everyone!.. did you brush your teeth yet?.. don't forget to do that and also pee before you sleep.. if you don't you might get sick in the bladder, really, not lying.. anyway, I'm not here to talk about what you do with your urine, I'm here to ask for your opinion..


there are many kind of bundles out there, local and also international.. there's clothing which consists of t-shirts and blouse, jeans, stuffed toys, shoes and even bed sheets and curtains.. some are still in great shape, some aren't so good and full of stains.. some were genuinely given away, some were stolen from them, mostly shoes.. there's so many kind of bundles..

personally, I have been to a few bundle places in Alor Setar.. hey, I'm no rich snobby girl who's all high up in the clouds spending her parents money on expensive clothes ftw, I'm just a simple girl who has no source of income, yet.. now, the bundle place I went sells really freaking cheap clothes, RM1 per piece.. you read me right, RM1 ftw! but here's the catch, you have to dive in tonnes and tonnes of clothes to find the nicest clothing.. there are some nice ones on racks, but they cost more, usually RM5 and above, so I'd rather swim in clothes than pay more, thank you very much..

you might think I'm gross or whatever, but I don't really care.. cause the bundle shop offers really pretty clothes, from overseas, namely from Korea and Japan.. you know how trendy and fashionable chicks over there are, what is not in fashion over there now, is fashionable here in Malaysia.. skirts are mostly everywhere, but you can find leather jackets, mini skirts, jeans, and also nice shirts, not forgetting dresses to die for.. hey, they're still in good shape, just not wanted by their previous owner..

okay, I get it, bundle clothing is not hygienic, it's full of germs and it's not clean.. this I agree with you, but only before you wash the clothes.. personally when I buy bundle clothes, I soak them inside hot water to kill the germs.. then I wash them using detergent, like how you wash normal clothing.. I don't mix them with my other clothes, I only wash bundle clothing together.. anyway, check out some of the clothes I picked out at the bundle so time back, which I don't wear anymore and is selling..

well, this is my view on bundle clothing, there is nothing wrong about them and we should not feel bad about wearing them..
what's yours?..


maladagreatnorul said...

wah aku memang suke bandel bandel ni

alinotnot said...

i dont mind wearing them as long as they make me feel good :)

najmie said...

kan kan?.. lagi2 kalau murah dan berkualiti, kan kan?.. =D

najmie said...

so true!.. (^^,)

Judiene said...

well, to be honest with ya, i'm ok with all these bundle stuffs, as long as it looks nice and still relevant to my leather shoe that i'm wearing to practical now, i bought it in 2007 and still can be used until about quality yet cheap thing.. =)

lieya orange said...

bundle st berbaloi2 kalau kene tempatnyer...pilih yg betul2, mmg syiokkk...=0

najmie said...

betul.. sometimes other peoples junk can be treasures for others.. err, but i'm not saying the bundle are junks, but u get my point right?.. hehehe.. =P

najmie said...

kan kan?.. ada jumpa baju yg cantik2 kat bundle tu, harga pun murah.. yay! hehe.. (^^,)


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