Monday, May 10, 2010

ladies beware!

Mood : still sleepy

lots of late nights in front of the TV.. there will be lots of cold beds and unsatisfied wives during this season.. there will be lots of girlfriends who are neglected by their boyfriends.. there will be a lot of walking zombies at work.. there will be very little men walking around outside during day time.. there will be more unhealthy people compare to healthy ones..

football season has returned, World Cup ftw!
ladies, BEWARE!

my advice, let the men watch football, they need it.. so go hang out with your girls and chill, let the season past, let it end and then you can continue being how you were before.. bothering them during this time is not going to help with your relationship, believe me..



Judiene said...

hahaha, sape yg jd awek i don't have to worry about this coz i'm not a fan of football..weird, but this is me! =)

najmie said...

really?.. then she must be a happy girlfriend coz u're not busy to layan her needs.. haha.. =D


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