Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm not a genuine girl

Mood : uhuk

assalamualaikum and good evening.. before you go on a spree of wild guesses on what I meant on my title of me not being a genuine girl, let me inform you myself.. first of all, I'm not a lesbian, nor am I a tomboy.. I'm not a genuine girl in the sense that, I'm not so into bags or shoes, at least not as much as other girls.. I personally have no interest in bags, especially those costing more than RM50.. heck, the most expensive bag I have now only cost me RM25, and for me that's a lot.. if I think RM25 is expensive, imagine my surprise when I see bags up to RM2000, and small bags at that ftw!.. really not for me, I'm not a genuine girl, I'll admit that, for not going crazy over bag sales in shopping malls.. and I sometimes don't understand the art and fashion of bags, I really don't..

but another thing that adds up to me being a not so genuine girl is, I don't go super crazy over shoes.. okay, admittedly, I do like shoes, but I have my limit.. what's up with wearing really high heels and walking around then going home feeling crappy and hurting feet?.. I mean, COME ON LAH!.. why suffer?.. not just suffering on your feet, but suffering for your pockets as well.. I've seen shoes and heels costing more than RM2000, and people still buy that.. but okay la, you have money to spend, but think of all the things you can do with RM2000 instead of spending it on a pair of shoes that you'd probably wear once or twice only.. I have a couple of shoes, some are high heels, but none goes over RM30, seriously, not kidding.. but I do want to own a pair of sexy boots one day, hehehe..

but the one thing that makes me a genuine girl is, I like dresses!.. wahahaha.. not just those I actually can wear, but also those I know I can never pull off, coz of it being too sexy or not my body type kind of clothes.. but I really do like to see it, and wish to see myself in those kinds of clothes.. seriously, what are the chances of me wearing these kind of clothes?.. NONE.. but hey, I can dream, can't I?.. (^^,)

OMG, so pretty, right?.. but I can never pull on that look wearing that, I'll look weird and stupid, plus I don't have great legs like her.. so I'll let it be in my dreams.. hoho.. maybe I can wear them for my husband later.. sayang, cantik tak?.. ahahahaha, gelak guleng guleng! =DDD

so there you have it, I'm not a genuine girl for not going crazy over bags and shoes like the rest of the female population.. don't like it?.. then sue me, see if I care!.. bahahaha.. but errr, please don't, I have no money to pay for a lawyer, I only have lawyer buruk.. hahaha.. =P


hawa_eva said...

oh my gucci...heheheh

kerolkerol said...

ooooo...ingtkn apa td...bgus lar ..jimat skit...bkn sng nk jmpa pompuan cm awk...simple n happy go lucky....huhuhu....ttg baju 2...sila pkai utk suami awk saja yer...hehehe...msti suami awk kata ' wahhh cntik nya syg abg nie'....hehehe..~peace~

najmie said...

hahahaha.. =DD

najmie said...

ahahaha, mesti pikir benda pelik2 nih.. kantoiii!~~ but thanks.. sy tak reti nk beli benda mahal2 sebnarnya, rasa mcm membazir.. hehe.. (^^,)


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