Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Camera, Rolling, and Action3!

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hello people of Earth and beyond, watcha doing?.. surfing, blog walking, blog reading, or watching Project Alpha season 2 webisodes?.. cause that's what I'm doing now!.. I missed a few episodes due to being busy with my final exams these past 3 days, the final paper was Principles Marketing, which by the way was medium, not too hard not too easy.. and that paper wraps up 2nd semester in UUM! wohooo, I'm home free! =DD

so to celebrate, I want to invite you guys to check out and awesome video, of a girl dreaming to become famous, *air quotes on dreaming for no obvious reason* in Project Alpha season 3 as the guest blogger ftw! I am the proud girl who holds the title of 1st Audition Video submitter, and it's cool.. and coz of this video, I got myself RM20 and a P1 bag for FREE! *gelak gila sekarang* =DD okay2, enough about that, lets watch my video first and tell me what you think ya.. DO NOT mind my weird face, press the Play button please.. (^^,)

My Audition Video for guest blogger for Project Alpha season 3

OMG, my cheeks so tembam! miahahaha, tahap kesengalan yang melampau.. this video is purely spontaneous, I just figured out what to say and straight went to recorded it.... and I submitted this video after the second take, the first one was never recorded coz I had the camera on photo mode instead of video mode ftw! good thing I'm not blonde, or that would be my 'Blonde' moment.. =D there was an error that I did, I said Project Alpha season 2 instead season 3.. another 'Blonde' moment.. haihhh~~

so I'm supposed to tell you guys about this video.. well......... it is me *obviously* informing people why I should be one of the guest bloggers of Project Alpha season 3.. I'm just a simple person but also a fun and quirky one.. what you see in this video is what you get when you meet me, seriously *note serious face*.. I have no shyness in me, okay tipu, I'm a bit shy if we met for the first time but I can warm up to people within a few minutes.. it's the power of gila-gila and kesengalan ftw! hahaha.. =P I really can go out and do lots of stuff, I'm even contemplating on doing the reverse bungee jump featured in Project Alpha season 1 in Budiey's episode, where BeautifulNara sent his girlfriend to replace him in the challenge.. okay, that's a bit sissy, but some men are.. =D I also like to pretend that I can act when actually I have no training what so ever, it's just a 'perasan' moment ftw.. and the camera I was holding is really free, got it as a present from my mums friend who came to visit from German.. my camera is foreign, therefore is named Nicky.. miahahaha~

and to end my video, I did a dance from Wonder Girls - Nobody.. 'I want nobody nobody but you..' a crappy do back I tell you, that's why it falls in the 'I can dance weirdly!'.. bahahaha! =D but to tell you the truth, I had fun!.. and if this is how life is going to be when I debut on TV or PA *cett, perasan dah confirm terpilih untuk debut*, I'd say, BRING IT ON! =DD

to vote and like my audition video, CLICK HERE.. <--- click click!!

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3, and supported by P1 and Mas.
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