Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday and Teachers' Day

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assalamualaikum, happy day awesome peeps!.. it's a Sunday!.. it's the weekends, I can sleep in late and go out lepak-ing with my friends at malls or Pizzahut!.. it's such a great Sunday! okay, tipu.. I'm in Kedah, so Sunday is a working day here, unlike the other states in Malaysia.. so I'm currently in an office, working, so they say.. yet I'm here updating my blog.. hahaha.. okay, truthfully, there's not much work to be done yet since I have to call certain people to know what my work is, and the certain people are busy with stuff thus making me unable to know what kind of work needs to be done in order to make me look busy ftw.. did you say all of that in one breath?.. hehehe.. so what did I do in the office since this morning?.. I printed some information for the boss, then when online and cam whored.. not much done really..

the quality of the laptops camera is quite low, mind you, so this is the best I can give you..

I'm sitting at this far end of the office, in a cubicle next to Nel, a practical student here.. the other workers are pretty busy typing some documents, printing stuff, organizing folders etc, unlike me.. =P I told Nel I don't know what job I have to do yet, and she laughed and said, then relax, no need to worry, you'll be busy when you're busy.. hehehe.. so yeah, I'm not going to worry my pretty little head about it yet.. eh eh, plus my boss said, since I'm a research assistant, I don't really need to come to work in the office, I can work from where ever, even the library or at home. all I need to do is punch in and punch out everyday.. so after this I can just work from home, if I am not needed in the office.. cool ain't it?.. sila jeles sekarang.. =DD

before I go, I want to wish Happy Teachers' Day to all of them awesome people who have taught me a lot since I was small.. thanks a million to my mum and dad for teaching me how to potty, how to play nice with others, and how to love.. thanks to my teachers from primary school, to my English and Maths teacher in SK Jitra who used to pinch my tummy when I'm noisy in class, may you rest in peace.. thanks to Mrs Ahmed from Sherwood Elementary School, Memphis Tennessee for coping with my lack of English when I got to the states, to all my Secondary School teachers in SMK Jitra,my BM teacher for understanding my needs as a teenager..
thanks to my lecturers in KPM Melaka for guiding me through my 3 years away from Kedah.. my mentor Puan Suraini Saiaa for being a lovable mentor to me and my friends, to Mr Salehan for appreciating my English, Puan Suryanti for being patient in teaching me Accounts, and to all the other lecturers in KPMM.. and even though I'm still new in UUM, I want to thank all the lecturers who taught me in 1st and 2nd semester.. I may have not focused too much on you while in class, but the knowledge you gave me was very valuable..

thanks a million again everyone.. and I ask of you to bless me in my years to come..


Hizami Rahim said...

selamat hari guru najmie!

Judiene said...

kim salam kt nell

Max J. Potter said...

oh wow now it's pink!?? nice~~~

sorry lama tak jenguk kamu, najmie. kak nani byk keje. ni pun sbb ade mase terluang baru dpt dtg. i lvoe the color!

thanks for the teachers day wish!

btw, my new chapter is out.


mizah-kholil said...

lol..senang nye keje you!!

Just_najmiE said...


selamat ari guru bakal cikgu math! =D

Just_najmiE said...


errr, she's not a muslim, kirim salam camana eh?.. =D

Just_najmiE said...

Max J. Potter..

haha, lama tak pegi blog akak jugak, nnt najmie singgah baca story best2 rh.. yeah, happy teachers' day! =D

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, just for the 1st day ja, i got busy on the 2nd day mind u.. =D


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