Sunday, May 2, 2010

getting married at 23, what's your opinion?

Mood : worried

assalamualaikum everyone, how is your day so far?.. okay?.. mine?.. not so good.. well, I'm currently still worried for the lack of votes I'm having in this contest.. only 24 votes, and I need another 100 to ensure a spot in the top 5.. to add on to my anxiety, I only have until 11.59 tonight to gather the other 100 votes.. I believe I can do it, but I really need your help.. I can not do this alone, I can't walk alone.. I NEED YOUR HELP.. can everyone here please go to this website and help me?.. I would really appreciate it..

now back to my tittle.. since I was little, I always thought and imagined how my married life would be.. in kindergarten, my friends and I would play "kawin kawin" or marry marry (direct translation) where I lost my first kiss on the cheeks to a guy whose not my dad.. okay, he was 5 years old at that time, didn't count really.. hahaha.. but he's one of my best friends during the secondary schooling year.. he'd blush when the incident was mentioned by my mum.. haha, comel dowh..

then when I was in standard 1 in Sherwood Elementary School, I dreamed about marrying a Caucasian guy.. hey, I was a kid, I wanted to keep living in the States, and the only way for that is marrying an American.. logic kan?.. but I didn't really think about the Islamic views, I just wanted to marry a blue-eyed guy.. spare me your lecture, I was 7 okay?.. hahaha.. gatal.. =P

once I got back to Malaysia and met people along the life till now, Malaysian guys aren't that bad.. even though I still fantasied about marrying a certain blue-eyed guy *coughcough*, but I think I'd prefer Malaysian guys, for religious reasons.. hehe..

but the questions remain, when is the right time to get married and tie the knot?.. which is better, early marriage, or late marriage?.. when is the right age to get married for a woman, 20, 23, 25, 27 or older?.. should a woman wait till her money reaches a certain level, or have a job first, or have a house or a car first?..

for me, since I knew my mum married at the early age of 23, I wanted to follow her footsteps.. I'm currently 22 this year, means if I follow my mums footstep, I'll have to marry next year.. see, it's not really a problem for me, I think I'm ready to juggle university life and married life, but the only big problem, is I don't have a decent candidate who is ready mentally and monetarily.. money, being the biggest issue, really.. so currently, I'll have to put a plug in my dream to marry at the age of 23..

but, what's your view?.. care to share?.. (^^,)

p/s :- go to the this website k, and vote for me.. please please please~~


aidi-safuan said...

takde calon? log on di
ramai calon kat situ, pilih je. btw, add aidi kat adultfriendfinder okay. :p

faaza said...

k.najmie, selalu cite korea first kiss tue akan jd partner life kita..ehehe:P
23..ok la tue..xpe2.semoat g cari calon.:)

hizamili said...

zaman sekarang lain kot.
kene prepare betol betol kalau nak kahwin.
kalau tak fuhhh... cerai berai jawapannya.

eyriqazz said...

23?zaman skang tak ramai yg kahwin di usia 23...susah juga dicari

joegrimjow said...

me 22
this summer will get married

akuvision said...

kawin umur 23, sedang elok la tu. Memang digalakkan, sambil bina kerjaya dan bina keluarga

Judiene said...

xksh kawen bila pn asalkan dpt anak cpt! hahahaha! XD

Encik_aMin said...

Kalo ada calon yg sesuai, kawen je laa... kalo xde, xyah rushing2.. :)

najmie said...

wah2, melampau!.. hahaha senget tol aidi nih.. haha =DD

najmie said...

ah?.. hahaha, tidak tidak!~ thanks, nnt akak carik.. doa2 kan.. hehe..

najmie said...

hehehe, tak cerai pun ada, cuma kena byk ikat perut lah.. haha.. =P
zami pulak plan nak kawen umur brapa nih?..

najmie said...

yep, agak susah dicari sekarang, tp ada ja.. perempuan kawen awal biasa kot, lelaki kawen awal tu yg kurang.. betul tak?.. hhehe.. eyriqazz kawen umur brapa?..

najmie said...

this summer?.. wahaha, that's fast..erk.. =P

najmie said...

kan kan kan?.. umur yg sgt digalakkan kawen.. :) akuvision dah kawen?.. (^^,)

najmie said...

haa, yg tu penting jugak! nak jadi mama muda, baru cun.. hahaha.. judiene nak kawen bila nih?.. =P

najmie said...

haha, mcm tuh ek.. kalau calon tak bersedia lg, camana nk kawen kan?.. hehe.. thanks!.. (^^,)

lovelylady said...

dun rush! relax babe!

najmie said...

ahahaha.. baikkk baikkk.. =D


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