Tuesday, May 11, 2010

good but bad day

Mood : mixed feelings

assalamualaikum, good evening everyone.. well, I went horse riding this morning, around 8.15am.. it was awesome!.. well, the first part anyway.. when I reached the equine center this morning, I was still uncertain on whether I'm riding or not.. abg wan was on the phone at that time, so I just walked around checking up on Hero, Prince, Texas, and Martina in their stable.. everyone looks sleepy and half awake, kinda like me.. so around 8.30am, abg wan told me to saddle up Martina, we're riding! wohooo!~~ I practically jumped up and down with joy! okay malu.. =P

my instructor, abg wan, riding Martina..

so I prepared Martina, groomed and saddled her up for the ride.. I made a few mistakes here and there, like putting on the girth on the saddle, and kinda took forever to finish, so abg wan told me I have to do better next time.. hoho.. yes boss! =P after everything was accounted for, I put on my helmet and took out my whip, and got on my horse, Martina.. man, I really love being on top.. (^^,) *please don't think perverted thoughts*

abg wan and mad also rode on horses, Prince and Pablo.. we headed to the paddock first to warm up the horses by walking, trotting and cantering.. you heard me right, CANTER FTW!! omg, it's been forever since I cantered, and it felt AWESOME!!! not lying.. really had the best time, but my butt and back kind of hurts a bit now.. hehehe.. but it was fun none-the-less.. (^^,)

after about 40 minutes of warming up, abg wan took the horses outside from the paddock.. omg, he's bringing me for an outride! this is a pleasant surprise indeed! we passed the HEP building, and I was getting excited.. my second out ride.. but sadly, it didn't happen.. (TT___TT) Martina was having mood problems, and was making it difficult for me to control her.. she kept wanting to turn back towards the stable, not obeying my commands, not wanting to go forward, that abg wan told me to return.. damn it, I lost my opportunity to out ride!.. he even said, 'you can't even control the horse, and you want to go for an outride?' omg, my face was hot with embarrassment, I felt humiliated! (T^T) he and mad went for the outride, and left me to go back..

once I got back to the stable, which Martina was trotting all by herself ignoring my command telling her to stop, I got off of her and I was angry.. like, really really MAD! I started scolding her, 'what the hell was that about? that was embarrassing, how could you do that? I thought we were friends?' I hit her a bit to teach her a lesson, so that she knows that she's not the boss of me.. she knew I was mad, that I was furious with her.. she looked a bit sad, and kept glancing over her shoulder when I pass behind her, her eyes and face looking apologetic.. I ignored it at first, leaving her after taking off her saddle and equipments, I needed to cool off.. after a few minutes, I went back to her, and we talked.. turns out, she was a bit scared cause the water fountain in front of the Canselori building was on, and cause her back and feet were a bit bruised from the saddle and girth.. she said she was sorry, by nudging me lightly on my hands and shoulders too.. awww, isn't she sweet?.. =')

so in the end, I soften up, and took her grazing nearby.. but I did tell her, she better not do it again, or so help me god, I'll skin her alive.. she understood, so we're good.. =) I do hope she doesn't hold a grudge against me or anything, cause I still fed her, bathe her, groomed her, put medicine on her wounds and such.. I still love her no matter what, it's just, I was sooo pissed off with what she did..

so tomorrow I'm going to head to the equine center again with carrots, as a peace offering from me to her.. that way, we can start again.. love you so much Martina! (^^,)


kenwooi said...

horse riding.. cool.. i went on a horse before.. but never ride it before.. =)

bH said...

horseriding? wow..

najmie said...

you should try, it's an awesome feeling.. (^^,)

najmie said...

yeah, try lah, you won't regret it.. =)

kelchensx said...

Lol, horse actually listens to threat XD

najmie said...

haha, i know, but she also knows i love her, so we're good.. (^^,)


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