Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

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Assalamualaikum and good evening awesome peeps!.. guess what?.. I went to Pizzahut yesterday with my family, minus my eldest sister, Kak Ijah, since she's having fun in Beijing with her husband, lucky her.. anyway, her loss for not being able to join her family for the awesome day out together! hohoho..

being the sister who's actually making a lil money from my part time job, I decided I HAD to treat them to the latest sensational pizza from Pizzahut, the Fish King Pizza! wohooo!! being someone who's watching my diet, I really don't want to eat something tooooo fattening, so Fish King pizza is a very nice choice, since there's more protein instead of carbohydrates.. hey, can't blame me for wanting something nutritious yet yummy to eat, right?.. so let's get ready to go! (^^,)

while waiting for everyone to finish dolling up and looking their best, I cam whored a little, you know, for memory purposes.. hehe.. plus, I was so excited, I can't really contain it..

but for now, let the pictures do the talking.. (^^,)
all pretty to go to Pizzahut!..
my dress of choice..
sadly, I will be letting this dress go..
anyone want to buy this item?.. (^^,)

where are we going?..
what are we eating?..
Fish King Pizza!..
omg, so excited I have to jump!..
whoops, Intan got in the picture too late.. hehe..

more cam whoring moments, for memory purposes.. =P
can I be a model now?..
*hit self on head* stop day dreaming please, Najmie.. (-__-;;

we're on our way!..

let's go to the nearest outlet, which is in Jitra, for our mouth-watering cuisine..
how long till we get there?..
oh, about 45minutes to 1 hour..
wow, so far awayyyyyy..
no problem, nothing is impossible when you have the fish craving from Pizzahut!.. =D

the place from where our journey to Pizzahut began, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah..
the distance from here to Jitra is *punching in numbers on calculator* 33 kilometers..
jauh jauh, tapi tak sabar!.. (>.<)

I can't wait, are we there yet? =DDD

Jitra is straight ahead!.. wheee!~~

faces of people who can't wait to eat Fish King pizza..

are we there yet?..
close enough, we're almost there, 11 kilometers more!

okay, we're finally here!!
let's all ambush Pizzahut!!
eh wait, take a pretty picture first..

Pizzahut outlet in Pekan Jitra, Kedah..

okay now we can go ambush the place..
can't wait to taste this awesome pizza!
but first, let's pretend to eat this pizza that this guy is holding!
nom nom nom~

when we got in the restaurant, no one was there to show us the table, so we showed ourselves..
my eye quickly saw the Fish King Pizza on the flippy thingy on the table, and grabbed it..
omg, drool!!

now let's order!
I'd like to take Fish King Pizza set 2, plus 1 lasagna and 2 ice cream sundae please!
nyum nyum!
I'm sorry miss, we're all out of crabsticks.. do you still want to order the Fish King Pizza?..
awwww.. ='( it's okay, we'll take it..
so sad, it's not going to be the complete taste, but nevermind, as long as I get to eat it..

so what's on the Fish King Set 2 that we ordered?..
see below to find out what..
only for RM49.00, very reasonable price!

a few minutes later, we got the soup and garlic bread plus the pitcher of Pepsi..
but the utmost important item for lunch is still not in view, so sad..
so we stuff our faces anyway, while waiting..

OMG, it's finally here!!
before eating, must take picture with the waitress, miss Fatin..
such a nice and polite girl, making our visit to Pizzahut a memorable experience..

now must camewhore with mouthwatering fish king pizza!!

is your saliva dropping on the floor yet?

whoops, let's recite our prayers first, jangan gelojoh okay?..
now let's dig in!!

please have a piece of this heaven, courtesy of me..

now, what is inside this delicious fish king pizza?..
8 fish fingers made from specially imported Alaskan Pollack, crabsticks(but was sadly not included in my pizza), Mozzarella cheese, roasted capsicums, yellow onions and juicy pineapples, and covered in cool lime mayo sauce that makes it all the more refreshing in your tummy..
yummy in my tummy, I like!

my first bite of this awesomely delicious piece of heaven is beyond words..
the taste, the smell, the savory splendor, everything is soooooooooooooo good!
the pizza was so tender, so moist that it melts in your mouth..
good til the last bite..
awwww, it's the last of the pizza..
finished so soon.. huhu..
my final say of Fish King Pizza?..
just 1 word...

it's a definite thumbs up from me..

I spent quite a lot there, but the memories are sure worth it..
so what are you waiting for, get your butt to the nearest outlet near you!
cause I will definitely come again for another piece of heaven in the near future..


Hizami Rahim said...

i hope u'll win.

Judiene said...


xde rase nak blanja i ke??

Just_najmiE said...


thanks dear.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

kan?.. sgt sgt sedap.. nyum nyum!.. hehe.. belanja?.. boleh, but we never actually meet, how to belanja meh?.. haha.. =D

☺[ai][sUmi]☺Chan said...

hohoo~ sis jeless.. sedapnye dia mkn pizzaa..

Just_najmiE said...

sis sumi..

hehe, sis pegi la pizzahut, mkn jugak.. sedap wooo.. (^^,)


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